Nathan Ma



Born in San Francisco, Nathan moved to Berlin so he could experience a summer without the Seattle rain he grew accustomed to while at university. Animal behaviourist by training and journalist by profession, Nathan is currently the Editorial Assistant at Sleek Magazine. In his free time, he eats.

Pascale Barget


Pascale Barget is a London based writer whose stunted moth-menial description includes dusty economics degrees untaken at Warwick university, enjoying the art and fashion of the world’s great cities and being co-founder of Twenty Something London. In addition to other polite indulgences including Now Fashion and Urban Times, she hopes the fruits of her labour will provide for some informative reading.

Imogen Greenhalgh



Imogen is a freelance arts and culture writer based in London, where she has lived for her entire life, except for an autumn she spent in Berlin. She has an MA from UCL ambiguously titled ‘Issues in Modern Culture’, which probably pretty much covers the things she likes to think about. Except for her cats – she thinks about them a lot, too. 

Alice Pfeiffer


 Alice Pfeiffer is a Paris-based writer who contributes to a number of publications including The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, Dazed&Confused and Interview. After completing an MA in Gender Studies at the London School of Economics and surviving a number of internships, she is now on a global quest for off-kilter and second-hand sophistication.

Ria de Borja



Self-described word junkie Ria was born in Manila and left for Boston in her teens. She worked at a men’s magazine in New York City after college. She eventually became Fashion Editor of Metro magazine then Senior Features Writer of Tatler Philippines. She completed her master’s degree in ESSEC and is now the Paris-based European Correspondent of Tatler Philippines. Publications she has written for include Tatler Hong Kong, Prestige Singapore, and She writes regularly for Zoo (Amsterdam) and the broadsheet The Philippine STAR. Ria was the Paris correspondent for the Hermès and Bulgari offices in Singapore and the Philippines. She was recently hired as a copywriter for the Paris office of Louis Vuitton. Her passions include cowboy boots and humongous floral arrangements.

Grashina Gabelmann


After graduating from UCA with a BA in Fashion Journalism Grashina bopped around the world for a bit before moving to Berlin where she writes for Sleek, Slow Travel Berlin and HHV Mag. She’s been the Features Editor for London based illustration/DIY magazine Flamingo since 2010. She’s obsessed with all things America and one day, when she’s all grown-up, she’ll own a mini pig.

Josie Thaddeus-Johns


Originally from London, Josie is a Berlin-based journalist and Sleek’s former Online Editor. She’s interested in feminism, art and culture and is obsessed with the internet. In her spare time she runs the tumblr When You Live in Berlin, where she gets to fulfil her love for animated gifs. She loves cats, cappuccinos and cheap jokes.

Finja Rosenbaum


Since completing her studies at the AMD Hamburg in Fashion Journalism and Media Communication, Finja Rosenbaum worked for the Helium Cowboy artspace Gallery in Hamburg and started an internship at Sleek. Now, Finja is a full time member of the Sleek team, working as Editorial Assistant and writing fashion articles for

Sleek Team


Alongside the main team in Berlin, Sleek has contributors from all over the world reporting on exciting new moments in the aesthetic landscape. We present to you: the visual contemporary.

Ana Finel Honigman

Ana Finel Honigman

Ana Finel Honigman is a New York-born and Berlin-based critic, curator and a PhD candidate at Oxford University – and maybe not human, because somehow she manages to fit more into one week than other (normal) people into their entire lives. Her writing on fashion and art features in publications such as,,, Art in America, V, Art Journal, Dazed & Confused, Whitewall, Saatchi Online, sleek and British Vogue.

Emma-Louise Tovey


Born in Melbourne, Australia Emma-Louise Tovey now calls Los Angeles home. With experience as editorial assistant in Berlin, New York and London under her belt, for sleek, Nylon, LOVE and Variety, she left bad weather behind and moved to sunny California where she now writes for Flaunt magazine and sleek.