Beck’s Green Box Project hits the streets


December 7th marked the official launch at the Soho House of The Beck’s Green Box Project in Berlin, where 4 lucky sleek readers received exclusive guestlist spaces for the special event. The Beck’s Green Box project has been established to inspire, support and encourage independent talent from art and design, fashion and music and to enable them, using advanced technology, to showcase their work globally via large green boxes placed in key locations in major cities around the world.  

The event itself took place in a packed “secret room” located in the Soho House, where the audience made up an eclectic mix of art lovers, Berlin’s fashion crowd and geeky tech folk. Many had come especially for the presentations by two renowned visual artists LuckyMe and Reed + Rader, who created exclusive imagery for the event. FriendsWithYou also launched their virtual reality animation, which can be seen with your iPhone/iPad at the Brandenburger Tor until January 2nd. To view the work, just point your iPhone/iPad at the Brandenburger Tor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until 2nd January 2012. 

Smells like holiday spirit

The luxury brand Trussardi is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2011, and just days before the year ends, sleek marks Trussardi’s centennial by spreading the delicious scent of Trussardi Donna to five lucky winners. The floral fragrance with oriental hues joins Yuzu, Water Lillies, Jasmine tea, Cedar and Sandalwood, Citron and White Patchouli in a classy feminine bottle with a gold-plated cap. “These elegant fragrances with a distinct personality were specially created for strong-willed, sensuous modern men and women,” says Beatrice Trussardi. For your chance to win a bottle send us an email to and keep your fingers crossed.

Roeckl keeps you warm with style

This classic pure silk scarf by Roeckl is sure to keep you warm with style. The inricate paisley in cherry blossom colours is an uplifting eye catcher that combines luxurious material with playful design. This scarf would soon adorn the necks of five lucky readers. Just send us an email to

Noémie Lenoir talks

Noémie Lenoir. Photo ©Angelo Pennetta

Aged 16, Noémie Lenoir was about to embark on a diploma to become an office secretary. Before heading to class, she stepped into a post office to get some stamps, where she was spotted and signed up by Ford Models. Her decade-long modelling career, during which Lenoir pushed the envelope on ethnic boundaries in the fashion world, saw her working with Jean-Paul Gaultier, Gucci, and Mario Testino. But Lenoir’s career was an emotional journey too – of the roller-coaster kind. Today, she is 32, a mother, and is working on her singing debut. sleek met with Lenoir in Shanghai, where she headed the jury of the Elite Model Look Contest 2011.

sleek: Has modelling evolved much since you first started?
Noémie Lenoir: Before, girls could have careers that would last 6 years or more. Alessandra Ambrosio still works for example and she is of the “2000 generation.” Today girls start at 14, they come from backgrounds with absolutely no money and are suddenly put up in 5-star hotels, have drivers and so on, and then two years later, it’s all over. Modelling is a surreal life. You’re valued for your physique and nothing else, and you’re told you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. But eventually, you have to come back down to earth, whether you like it or not.

sleek: What are your views on girls’ weight?
NL: When I started modelling, I weighed 49 kilos for 1m80. I looked scary. I’ve since become curvy and now that’s something I like seeing on women, and I highly encourage it. Men like it, trust me. But the terrifying truth is that on a catwalk, the best way to show a dress is on a thin model because if the girl is skinny, it is the dress you’re promoting. If the girl is curvy, it’s the girl you’re fantasising about.

sleek: Have you worked in China?
NL: Yes, all over Asia actually but always for foreign clients. They’re really into black, mixed race and Latino types here. They’re still a little behind on skin tone, like France was ten years ago. But it’s funny, in Europe, I’m used to men turning around in the street but here no one looks at me. I could walk around naked and no one would even pay attention.

sleek: Do you feel the fashion world is racist?
NL: No, today, you can’t say fashion is racist anymore. I know at least five black top models, which is a lot. Italy was the slowest to incorporate black girls into their shows, but now they’ve picked one for Gucci. I was always referred to as the black French model, as opposed to just a French model, but you know what really annoys me? I’m not black! Or not just black. I’m mixed race. I’m just as black as I’m white. 

sleek: Apart from modelling, you have also acted…
NL: No, come on, I wouldn’t call that acting, that would mean taking credit away from real actresses. Let’s say I’ve been featured in films. Today, I’m working on something I really want to succeed in. I’ve been working on for a year – singing.

sleek: What will you be looking for during the contest?
NL: Charisma, the ‘wow’ factor. But I know how hard it is for them, they’ve learned to walk two weeks ago and they’re babies. But they’re here, not because the parents are pushing for it but because it’s their lifetime dream. I hope they remember that even if they lose, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of their career.

All I want for Christmas is… Art!


‘Tis the season to be buying art, because really, who needs another pair of cosy socks? Luckily for Berliners, two great opportunities for purchasing artworks by both established and emerging artists are available this month.

First, the KW Institute for Contemporary Art is holding an art lottery in January, and all proceeds go towards supporting the institution’s activities. The lots costs only 100 € each, and there are some 60 works to be won, by artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Monica Bonvicini, Helen Mirra, Thomas Rentmeister and many more.

Viewing of the works is possible through December 18, 2011, and then again on January 7 – 8, 2012. The official drawing will take place at KW on January 13, 2012.

For more information and the full list of participating artists go here


If you don’t want to trust lady luck but rather make sure you get your hands on some quality artworks by young artists go to the DeJoode&Kamutzki auction on December 15. For their second auction, DeJoode&Kamutzki set their focus on young female artists, with an impressive roster that includes a number of international names as well as Berlin based artists, many of which were a part of the recent survey, Based in Berlin.

Auction on Thursday, December 15th, 20.00h Kottbusser damm 75

For more information and to view all auctioned works go here.



Beck’s Green Box Project

The Beck’s Green Box Project is a global fund established to inspire, celebrate and financially support independent talent in art, design, music and fashion. The project is launched with a special event in Berlin’s SOHO House on Wednesday, December 7, and we have four exclusive guestlist spaces for you and a friend to take part in this invite only fiesta! All you need to do is write us a mail to

Creative Talk 20.30
Host | Manuel Möglich
Guests | Lucky Me und Reed + Rader
Presentation of exclusive AR Artwork by FriendsWithYou

LIVE | The Blessings Lucky Me
DJ set | Jamie Vex’d  
DJ set | Phon.o Shitkatapult / 50 weapons
LIVE | Daniel Meteo – LIVE Shitkatapult


Sacha Walckhoff’s favourites

Sacha Walckhoff. Photo by Antoine Tempé

Christian Lacroix’s creative director, Sacha Walckhoff worked hand-in-hand with Christian Lacroix himself for 17 years. A year ago, he re-opened the French house heading it with a new focus on menswear and accessories. An avid collector of art and design pieces as well as ancient costumes, his Paris apartment brims with souvenirs of a lifetime spent in the fashion world. Believe it or not, Walckhoff claims he was once a minimalist. Admiring the dizzying mixture of paraphernalia in the famously eccentric abode, we asked Walckhoff to narrow it down for us and name his favourite items:

1. My naturalized zebra found at the Paul Bert market; I like its passe-muraille (walking through walls) aspect, which is fantastically surrealistic.

 2. The piece ‘Vanilla’ by Daniel Firman (Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery). It’s a real-size mold of one of his friends, with an inner tube emanating the smell of vanilla… surrealism again!

3. My Lacroix notebooks. They follow me everywhere around Paris and on trips. I write and sketch whatever crosses my mind…I give one to those who are dear to me.

4. My two “one minute sculpture” by Marcel Wanders, whom I greatly admire (one of the two was given to me by Christian Lacroix)

5.  The ‘Clay Fan’ by Maarten Baas, another very talented designer I discovered at the Tools gallery.