Bruno Pieters’ favourites

Bruno Pieters

Bruno Pieters conceived this new concept during a sabbatical from the fashion industry in southern India. An award-winning designer and art director, Pieters spent 2010 exploring the developing world, an experience that profoundly affected his personal philosophy and his thinking about fashion. Upon returning to Antwerp in 2011, Peters began work on a radical new concept that would revolutionise the way we think of what we wear. His new endeavour will be revealed soon and a teaser is already circulating on Youtube, but before Pieters gets too busy promoting the project, we caught up with him to talk about his favourite things:

1. I love the photograph of our planet from space. This image always reminds me to take things less seriously. I find it so beautiful.

2. My favourite item that I’ve designed is the camel trench coat. I find it is timeless and strong. Women don’t always need to wear dresses to look interesting I think.

3. My motto is “Be The Change You Want to See in The World”. I try to apply this every second of the day. It’s not easy. Sometimes I do treat others the way I would want to be treated or I buy things I shouldn’t be buying. But I’m constantly aware of it when those things happen, which makes it easier for me to avoid repeating myself the next time I find myself in this specific situation.

4. I love diving. The life that exists under the sea is breath taking and so precious. It relaxes me like nothing else can.

5. My favourite exhibition last year was Sophie Calle’s “Rachel Monique” at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The atmosphere was so serene and unique.

6. I can spend an entire day at the Musée Rodin in Paris. The house of Rodin is so grand and welcoming at the same time.


Elisabeta Tudor

– Meet our latest addition to the sleek online contributor list: Elisabeta Tudor. Born somewhere near Bucharest in a small village the name of which you don’t need to know as you won’t remember it anyway hardly more than 20 years ago, Elisa grew up in Germany and France. We are proud to say that her interest in fashion editing was inspired by a stint at sleek magazine two years ago. Today, she studies in Paris, while working for NowFashion, Vogue UK, Kunstzeitung, Blonde and for us.

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