Larry Clark’s dysfunctional youths at C/O Berlin

Jonathan Velasquez, 2004. All photos © Courtesy of Larry Clark . Luhring Augustine, New York. Simon Lee Gallery, London

Larry Clark is a photographer/film maker who has fine-tuned the ability to influence an entire generation of young photographers, while at the same time pissing off a whole lot of other people in the photographic/film community.

Focusing on the youth in subcultures (mainly skateboarding, surfing and punk), drug use, adolescent sex and violence, Clark adopts the tactic of completely submerging himself in the culture and friendship groups he is capturing, rather than taking the voyeur’s approach and looking in from a safe distance.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1943, Clark would use his hometown, along with his own drug addiction and his amphetamine addicted, promiscuous subjects to produce one of the most talked about and shocking photographic books of all time, Tulsa, 1971. The book gained worldwide acclaim and would light the way for Clark’s photographic career surrounding the representation of youth, with Clark’s cinematic debut, Kids, 1995, thrusting Clark once again into the spotlight of controversy. 

From May 26th to August 12, 2012, C/O Berlin will present, for the first time in Germany, approximately 200 works of Clark’s, including the series “Teenage Lust“ and “Los Angeles“, along with additional videos and unpublished collages.

Larry Clark at C/O Berlin
26th May – 12th August 2012

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