Unlimited Company: off-the-peg art in west Berlin

It may have taken a while for Charlottenburg to convince as an art hotspot, but a new neighbourhood addition proves that the young art crowd is willing to ride as far as Savigny Platz. Jean Gid Lee and Rita Pintér opened Unlimited Company earlier this year, putting their passion for contemporary art and their close ties to the art world to good use. In their White Cube-ish space, they offer special art limited editions, prints and merchandise made in part especially for the shop – the owners work closely with the artists whose editions they offer, such as Jonathan Meese, Martin Eder, Thomas Kiesewetter and Max Frisinger, to get unique, one-of-a-kind collaborations.

When Jean Gid Lee and her husband, artist Thomas Kiesewetter, moved back to Berlin after a long stint in New York, she knew the time was right: “I chose Berlin for the shop because [the city] got much more sophisticated and international over the past years,” she says. The goal is to make art more accessible, and Unlimited Company stocks a wide selection with prices ranging from €60 (limited-edition Martin Eder T-shirts) all the way up to €90,000 (a colourful sofa by Anselm Reyle). Most items remain in the realm of a couple of hundred euros. Meanwhile, co-owner Rita Pint.r worked in Berlin’s Contemporary Fine Arts gallery, and her connections allow her to source those rare pieces directly from the artists. The owners also host events in this elegant space, with private dinners planned in the future. There’s also a very special event in the making for Berlin fashion week this summer, but it’s still a secret.

Bleibtreustraße 3, Berlin
Thurs – Sat 12pm-6pm

A statement by Ai Weiwei