Carr’s last collection for Pringle of Scotland

Pringle of Scotland’s latest Spring/Summer 2013 was the houses’ final season under the artistic direction of Alistair Carr – the Central Saint Martins alumni who, after only a year on the job, will be moving on to other things. ‘Changes in label direction’ was commonly mentioned in the midst of conversations during the show in the knowledge that the label will hand over the reigns to its existing in-house design team and cut back on catwalk shows to focus on presentations. Whether Carr’s departure is a sign of some purse string tightening or a return to a more traditional heritage style, we simply cannot know, but one thing we can say for sure, the Spring/Summer 2013 show was a successful Carr – Pringle final collaboration.

As the lights went out against a backdrop of electronic and industrial techno thanks to Yasmina Dexter, the audience prepared themselves for the waves of faux-tattooed models soon to walk down the runway. This time the infamous argyle was stripped back and simplified – the first two looks were prime example with traditional diamonds infused with nautical stripes. Aside from that and a handful of knitwear sporting Pringle’s trademark the rest of the collection was left for Carr to illustrate his talents. Ensembles achieved the balance between looking smart and being practical; beautiful tailoring was not too tight nor not too loose, as Goldilocks would say, it was just right.  The chosen colours, particularly the waves of indigo, coral and brief flashes of canary yellow, were also a great choice and touches such as front pleated shorts, subtle micro-check weaves and inconspicuous yet copious pockets cemented the attention to detail. Suffice to say we will be sad to see Carr go. 





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