BMW Art Guide

© BMW AG, Munich. Independent Collectors, Berlin © photo by David Spaeth, Stuttgart

If art remained un-viewed would it still be created? How dependent is art on the art market? Is the art world imaginable without collectors? Who are these collectors anyway? The BMW Art Guide wastes no time asking these near to impenetrable questions – they’re smack-bang on the cover of the book.

BMW and Independent Collectors began their collaboration three years ago. The result? The first ever published guide to private collectors boasting an elaborate list of over 160 publicly accessible, privately owned collections in over 30 countries. Journalists, artists, curators and collectors worked together to create this archive, which can’t be compared to anything previously published in this field.

The collections are alphabetically presented starting with Argentina and ending with the United States of America. A small picture of either the exterior or interior of the collection accompanies an easy-to-digest yet informative text with vital facts like address, phone number, website and opening times listed in the sidebar. Scattered throughout the publication are reflections on the book’s content offering in-depth information on the making of the book and the nature of private collections. This guide offers exciting prospects for even the biggest know-it-alls of the art world as a few handful of featured art collections have only just opened their doors to the public.

 Text by Grashina Gabelmann

Available from Hatje Cantz






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