Ayzit Bostan replicates Venice in Munich

Ten years ago designer Ayzit Bostan tried living in Berlin. At that time there was no fashion week and no hype pushing (or distorting) the image of the local fashion scene. But Bostan didn’t need any of that anyway. “I’m a designer”, she says. “What I depend on is not my nationality or where I’m based, but my creativity.” She left Berlin after a year, and has been happily based in Munich ever since. Still, she graces the capital with regular visits that leave lasting impressions. “I consider myself pretty lucky. My clientele seems to be composed of interesting, attractive and intelligent people.”

Bostan’s image as designer for those in the know is certainly helped by dipping her toes into the art world every now and then. On July 21, a new installation at the Munich Kunstverein, done in collaboration with photographer and industrial designer Gerhardt Kellermann will be inaugurated. Entitles REPLICA, the work touched upon the phenomenon apparent in the architecture of the Bavarian capital, of replicating classic Italian sites in Munich.

Bostan and Kellermann’s installation will adorn the Hofgarten with curtains, or Venetian drapes if you may, to replicate the arcades of Venice’s Piazza San Marco while at the same time reinterpret the Hofgarten’s appearance.

July 21 until  october 21, 2012
Kunstverein München

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