The New Tattoo

Page from Forever - The New Tattoo. Photos © Maxime Ballesteros

 At last, a contemporary tattoo book has emerged that isn’t stuck on Sailor Jerry and Japanese Koi. “Forever – The New Tattoo”, published by Gestalten and available from August 2012, investigates the development of the tattoo as a sub-culture to where it stands currently, as a mainstream art form. Looking at the relation between the new tattoo scene, with artists such as Thomas Hooper, Jondix, Xed LeHead, Liam Sparkes and Jonas Nyberg leading the way, the book casts light on a section of tattooing that is predominantly left untouched; the tattoo inside the realms of contemporary art and high fashion.

As well as hosting interviews with some of the world’s leading tattoo artists, “Forever – The New Tattoo” also boasts an impressive visual section, showing the obvious ties between the new tattoo scene and the art and fashion world. In addition to the photographs of art on skin, the book also presents photography by Berlin’s own Maxime Ballesteros along with other fashion and art photographers, and owner and performance artist, Jon John, from the AKA gallery and tattoo studio in Neukölln.

“Forever – The New Tattoo” is available August 2012.
Published by Gestalten

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