Josephine Pryde’s Night Out

Josephine Pryde, THIS TIME LAST YEAR, 2012. Ditone print mounted on aluminium, aluminium tubes. 110 x 73 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Simon Lee Gallery

Today is the last chance to catch ‚Night Out’ at Simon Lee Gallery, Josephine Pryde’s first collaboration with the London gallery. For the past month the space has displayed two very different styles of work; a series of photographs documenting a fashion event Pryde attended in 2011 and new series entitled ‘Inspiration Being Itself’ – a number of large-scale marble-esq photographs attached to bicycle racks.

The ‘Night Out’ series quasi-documents the Fashion Night Out event, an annual retail initiative occurring internationally since 2009, by mixing fashion and fine art photography. Aluminium rods are innovatively used as part of the work to become bold interruptions within the frame. The result leads to bewilderment and a viewer who sometimes seems perplexed at this new and unusual dimension to the work.  

Pryde’s latest series ‘Inspiration Being Itself’ is made up of large-scale shots which document the changes of a black viscous liquid. The images come attached to bicycle racks, leaning up against these pieces of street furniture usually installed in straight lines in towns and cities. Here, they deputise as support for a picture that also help show the time lapse between each shot – one second each time.  

When comparing both series to each other as well as to previous work including ‘Miss Austen Enjoys Photography’ and ‘Miss Austen Still Enjoys Photography’, it becomes increasingly difficult to label Pryde with a particular aesthetic. No doubt this is a good thing – an artist who never fails to surprise her audience with variety and tone. We look forward to her next exhibition at the Stadtgalerie Schwaz, Austria, in April 2013

Josephine Pryde
Night Out
Until 4th October 2012
Simon Lee Gallery, London

John M Armleder in New York