Christian Burnoski at Meyer Riegger

Christian Burnoski. Print Response (Kelley Walker), 2007-2012. Mixed Media. 20 x 24 cm


In his first solo exhibition at Berlin’s Meyer Riegger, American artist Christian Burnoski presents a series of images under “Print Response” in the gallery’s project space. Burnoski explores the act of collaboration with other artists, inviting them to respond directly, or sometimes indirectly, to the work that he has supplied them with.

The original print that Burnoski presented to the artists is actually a piece of scrap paper made up of markings from a previous piece that Burnoski had worked on for a different body of work. By using a somewhat “throw-away” item that the artist has little to no emotional attachment to it made for the ideal starting point for each of the artists to stream their own response onto.

Some of the artists who were invited to do so were Jonathan Monk (whose show “Who Ate All The Pies?” is shown in the main room of Meyer Riegger until the 22nd December 2012), John Baldessari, Lawrence Weiner, and Ed Ruscha. Whether it may be a square cut out from the corner, initials splattered around the image, or a mirror placed delicately in the center, each of the artists have turned Burnoski’s neutral initial image, into a piece of individual art in their own, specific, way. 

Christian Burnoski
Print Response
Until December 22nd 2012
Meyer Riegger, Berlin






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