Watch out for Franziska Michael

Berlin newcomer Franziska Michael showed a small but cohesive collection of men’s and womenswear at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Studio. It’s hard to speak of a “signature” look when it comes to a designer who’s in the very early steps of their career, but the Esmod graduate showed several standout elements in her work that could be identified already as “hers”. The optically challenging psychedelic prints made smart use of interesting colour combinations. However, they were kept in check by clear cuts and defined shaped, and the combinations for girls and boys made the idea of opting for a partner look actually seem charming (though we strongly advise against it). To avoid the strained atmosphere that usually dominates the studio presentations, Michael chose a pretty set design that included stacks of hay and an arc decorated with red roses, which transported the tech-y, urban collection to a starry night at a farm fest. A good start for a designer who’s sure to be on our watchlist. 

Mads Dinesen's Fashion Ritual