Cult Aussie brand P.A.M. speak to Sleek about working with Carhartt WIP

P.A.M. x Carhartt WIP collection

P.A.M. stands for many things – Perks And Mini (the name of the brand), but it could equally well stand for Playful Australian Manufacturers, or Pretty Awesome, Mate. This season, the creative forces behind the cult brand have teamed up with Carhartt WIP (Work In Progress) to produce a brand new collection, Carhartt WIP’s first for women.

Mischa Hollenbach and Shauna T. of P.A.M. have collaborated with brands such as Nike, Disney and Stussy internationally, as well as creating their own artistic and musical projects as collective “The Changes”. We asked these Psychadelic Acid Mofos about their collaboration with Carhartt WIP.

Sleek: What was the concept behind the collection with Carhartt WIP? How did this translate into the lookbook, with the cactuses, late-day sun, and model shading her eyes?

P.A.M.: We wanted to walk the line between P.A.M. and Carhartt WIP. The heritage of Carhartt being workwear for railway workers interested us and mixing that with P.A.M. and our love for mystery.

We are trying to convey a feeling. I think the film, and the poem that accompanies the film does that well.

How do you feel about being the first ever women’s collection created by Carhartt WIP?

It’s excellent – I love that we can make real clothes for women. Often street wear for women is designed by men or for men (read short skirts and XXS tees). I have always been attracted to street wear because it tells a story, it’s style mixed with culture.

We love the playful redesign of the Carhartt WIP logo – why did you decide to rework it in that way?

It’s our (P.A.M.) take on it – we needed to combine the logos and stay true to both brands. I think the logo got the balance right.

P.A.M. x Carhartt WIP collection

You’re known for the “cult” status of your brand – how do you think that happened and does it affect the way you design now?

We are blessed to have a small following that allows us to continue to make collections in an independent , non commercially minded way.

I think if you are genuinely offering something that’s your own and people respond then that’s the dream. I don’t think it affects our design and output but it does allow us to continue. 

You’re also known for your wide range of collaborations – what is the uniting thread – the approach or theme – that brings it all together?

The common theme is collaborating with no ego. It’s all about making something great and working with people who we love and admire. As a creative it’s great and you end up inspiring each other and making things you wouldn’t or couldn’t on your own. 

What kind of things are inspiring you right now – music, art, fashion?

I am eternally interested in ancient cultures, aliens, my favourite DJ mixes (Bing, Love fingers, Secret Circuit, Misha…),  chihuahuas, magic beans, nail decals, Fiorucci collectable cards, Game of Thrones, CGI… 

What’s next for P.A.M.?

In the upcoming collections for AW14 for women we have a collection titled ‘Animism’. It takes its inspiration from the worship of animals and natural formations like rocks, trees and mountains. It includes artwork by our good friend Fergadelic. Pro Active Mutation is the men’s offerings for AW15 and looks at transformation and mutation.

We are working on some more collaborations – watch this space. And we will be re-launching the site to include music, films, and all our eclectic outputs.

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