Beloved objects: PB 0110’s gorgeous bags

PB 0110 is a labour of love. Created by Philipp Bree, who started out running his family’s company BREE together with his brother, the concept is to create something timeless, that develops its own persona through use. With careful use of materials, only using premium vegetable-tanned leather, hardy linen and solid brass fittings, PB 0110 ensures that every bag is unique, special and built to last. The label has only been showing since January 2013, and is already stocked in Europe, Asia and beyond. 

Ahead of the brand showing their SS15 collection at at presentation in Berlin, Sleek sat down with PB 0110’s founder Philipp Bree to discuss the significance of bags and keeping it personal.

Sleek: What are the differences between designing for your own label and working for BREE?

Philipp Bree: The biggest difference is that we are working with a very limited selection of materials. We use only vegetable tanned leather from Belgium, pure brass fittings and 100% linen both from Tuscany, Italy.  In that case we do not look right or left and just work with these essential materials. 

Did you always know you wanted to work on your own business?

No. But a few years ago I had the desire to create a very concentrated collection. So I did.

What is the idea behind your “beloved object” project?

The idea is the essence of PB 0110. 

I love objects that grow into our hearts and accompany us through life. I think we all have these curious little objects we do not want to miss. This is beyond price, design, beauty, function or rationality. For example, I have a travel bag of natural leather that my father gave me 25 years ago. I carry it until this day even though I have other choices. My association with this bag is so strong that I would never exchange it for some other beautiful bag. 

It is impossible to create beloved objects because it is dependent on individual, personal experiences. But I love the idea that maybe at a certain point our bags and accessories become somebody’s beloved object. 

How do you think bags are particularly significant, as objects in themselves?

We carry our personal belongings in them. Anywhere and anytime. They are fitted to your individual needs and not to any size like shoes or apparel. That makes them special. 

Historically it has always been like that. I have some old pieces of native Indians. They had small bags on their belts containing e.g. some special medicine, a lucky charm or a remembrance of a passed away family member. These kinds of bags have been decorated beautifully, very individually and symbolised your social status within the tribe. I think not much has changed, even though today we carry smart phones, computers, cosmetics, etc.. You are carrying your personal belongings, your treasures and you are able to communicate your style and mood very easily. 

You name all of your products after the designer who created them – why did you choose to do this?

My idea is to create a collection that is based on a very few, fine, traditional materials from Europe. Since I limit the concept on this side, I am looking for variety in the interpretation of the materials. Therefore, I invite different designers that I treasure for their general work to create new answers. I belief there are 1000 ways to look at our PB 0110 materials. 

The intention is that our customers know the quality of our materials and production and will be inspired by the new interpretations of the designer. 

Regarding the naming. I think it fits perfectly to the concept and it makes my life much easier not think about new beautiful names every season. I know that from my past experience it can be really exhausting. 

What is your ideal way for people to get in touch with your products – online, in a showroom, in a shop?

The most important is to feel smell and hear the product. The sound of a cup, chair ….I love it! Therefore it is important to touch it and there are several ways to do this. I personally prefer to be advised in a shop about things that I like. If the sales crew is well trained, it is the best. But I know people love to receive a package via our online shop. They enjoy the unboxing experience, reading the background about materials, production and design on our site again. So, as long as you get the product in your hands it is all good!

See the whole Philipp Bree AW14 collection below.

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