Dear Diary: Emilie Gervais’ Youth Confession


Some are written into a secret notebook under a bed cover, torch in hand; some are posted on the internet for strangers to comment on; some are made of selfies taken every day (hour, minute) of your mood. A diary can take many forms, yet this activity of counting the days is a uniquely youthful one. In this portfolio of artworks and writing created exclusively for Sleek, we asked today’s young and youth-focused artists and writers to send us an excerpt of their diary.

Drawing from nineties source imagery, Emilie Gervais does not identify with a particular media of production. Instead, her work exists as websites, gifs, and a variety of other forms exploring the usage, human relationship to and implications of the internet. 


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Emilie Gervais can be found on her TwitterTo see more diary excerpts, check out our Youth Confessional series. 

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