Me, Myself and Art #6: In a DD MOOD

Georgia Gray’s “DD MOOD” at the New Theatre. Taken with a Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

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The curtain went up on artist Georgia Gray’s play “DD MOOD” to the frenetic beat of Bakermat’s “One Day”, as German artist Natascha Goldenberg lit a cigarette, swept the floor and began to place a rainbow coloured assortment of glazed donuts (which looked suspiciously like painted bagels) onto a shelf. Day was breaking again at the DD shop, Saturday night’s backdrop to a collection of increasingly surreal characters and trippy set-ups. The audience, and I, settled in to watch the play, centred around a bakery that bore a sneaking resemblance to a chain of ubiquitous donut purveyors.


Director Georgia Gray wrote to me a few weeks ago asking me to play a spoilt donut hellion but I had to decline as I was out of town during rehearsals. Pangs of FOMO washed through me as I sat in the audience on the play’s closing night. 

A selection of DD customers. Taken with a Samsung Galaxy Alpha.
A selection of DD customers. Taken with a Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

DD Mood ran for three nights at Neukölln’s experimental performance space, New Theatre. The imaginative play was full of funny, well-observed characters, from the self-indulgent manchild, his eccentric shrink and her giggling leather-baby typists to Goldenberg’s disinterested DD employee; nonchalantly dispensing donuts and coffee as she’s harassed by chocolate-fiending Spanish yoga divas and a bratty British nuclear family. Grayson Revoir played DD Mood’s regular-Joe protagonist, guiding us through the sugar-fuelled descent into the psychedelic with a couple of winning monologues about the spiritual qualities of sugar and fat.

A cowboy Y?rei dancing troupe move to a sped-down version of airflow by Aphex Twin’s Caustic Window alias
A cowboy Yurei dancing troupe move to a slowed version of airflow by Aphex Twin’s Caustic Window alias. Taken with a Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

After the play ended the crowd dispersed to the bar or to Berghain for performances from Dan Bodan and Kelela. I stayed for an Aperol Spritz and a quick chat with Georgia before heading to OHM to see 18+ play a selection of tracks from their new album including an energetic rendition of crowd favourite “Crow”.

18+ at OHM. Taken with a Samsung Galaxy Alpha.
18+ at OHM. Taken with a Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Text by Ella Plevin

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