The Models in This Lingerie Campaign are Hairy and They Look Great

Believing that the female body is unique and beauty can be found in scars, tattoos and birthmarks, & Other Stories have asked Hedvig Jenning to photograph three different yet equally confident women for their AW15 lingerie collection. The result is a campaign where women are happy in their own skin and with full hair. Having previously released a campaign featuring an all-trans cast,  & Other Stories  are signaling yet again that diversity sells and is here to stay. Scroll down for more.

All images by Hedvig Jenning

2. Lingerie & Other Stories_Kelsey

3. Lingerie & Other Stories

4. Lingerie & Other Stories_Helin

5. Lingerie & Other Stories_Kelsey

6. Lingerie & Other Stories

7. Lingerie & Other Stories_Helin

8. Lingerie & Other Stories_Kelsey

9. Lingerie & Other Stories

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