In Town for Art Week? Insider Berlin Tips From the Fashion Crowd

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We asked the cities most stylish photographers, fashion bloggers, designers and business owners what they recommend for you to do between the shows.

Riana and Nina, Vintage, Fashion, Vintage accessories, Berlin

Nina Kuhn, @riannaandnina
Fashion Designer, 

“Since our store is in Mitte, a trip to West Berlin always feels like a mini-vacation. I love strolling through Kantstraße and eating Asian food at Papaya, Lon Men’s Noodle House or Ryotei 893. For a more German experience try Diener Tattersall in Grolmanstr. 47 for delicious Buletten (German meatballs). I love the old school interior.”

Zazi Vintage, Zazi fashion,

Jeanne de Kroon, @zazi.vintage
Fashion Designer
“If you are in town for Art Week you have to go to the opening event for The Gallery Store on Friday. It’s a local music/art/fashion event and I’ll be there selling my collection of Afghan ’70s dresses. Other city tips? You can’t go to Berlin and not go partying. The best night for outfit-spotting is African Acid is the Future. 



Alice M. Huynh, @alicemhuynh
Fashion designer and blogger
DEA MON have a modern atmosphere, aesthetic and delicious food – just how I like it! Go there for modern Asian fusion and Korean-inspired cuisine.”



Dana Roski, @Waldberlin
Fashion stylist, co-owner and creative director of the shop WALD Berlin
“I travel a lot, so when I do have free time in my own city, it’s all about eating out with my friends. For breakfast you’ll find me in the Five Elephant Coffee in Kreuzberg – you must try their cheesecake. Lunch is at the Jewish deli, Louis Pretty, new to Berlin, and designed by my friend and interior designer Paul Bauer. I love the swimming pool tables! And then for dinner, the Paris Bar in west Berlin for old-school glamour.”



Nora Eisermann & Laura Muthesius, @_foodstories_
Food stylist and photographer at
“For the ultimate selection of Bauhaus, Art Déco, and DDR-era furniture check out Urban Industrial. You should hire a van in preparation – as you definitely won’t want to leave without buying something.”



Claire Beermann, @cestclairette
Editor at and writer for ZEITmagazin
Rianna in Berlin is a treasure trove and has an impressive collection of YSL costume jewels and Pucci pieces.”



Maxi Clausecker, @sommer3000
Instagram photographer
“When Berliners are hungry the go-to is Cocolo. Tucked in next to the tree-lined canal, this is the best place to enjoy a bowl of piping hot ramen. Later on in the evening, try Dr. To’s for fusion food with a clubby vibe. The morning after? Café Le Bon is perfect for soothing any hangover.”


Ariane Stippa, @ariofcourse
Editor at beauty blog
“For a luxurious hair treatment, I always head to Glamour Pharmacy in Kreuzberg. It’s my good friend Phillip’s place and a visit always feels like a treat.”



Ebba Zingmark, @ebbazingmark
Model and fashion editor
“On a snowy night head to Tier in Neukölln.  Try the perfectly crafted whiskey sour – it’s delicious.  And when the weather warms up; head to the Klunkerkranich rooftop bar to watch the sunset.”



Devid Gualandris & Thibaud Guyonnet, @starecasers
Founders of, and junior buyer and content manager at VOOSTORE
“Obviously, VOOSTORE is our tip for the coolest clothes and designer brands! But for food – we like Café Pförtner, a smart, unpretentious restaurant in Wedding”.



Olja Ryzevski, @oljaryz
Travel photographer
“I always lose a few hours browsing the indie magazines at Do you read me?! bookshop on Auguststraße. When you finally decide on which one to buy, take a seat in the sun at The Barn around the corner, famed for its cult coffee.”



Lina Zangers, @linazangers
“Sundays are for flea markets. My favourite is Arkonaplatz in Mitte. It’s decidedly less crowded than the better-known Mauerpark. Last time I went I found two ’70s bamboo chairs for my new flat.”



Vreni Frost, @vrenifrost
Style blogger at
“For quality vintage with a ’70s/’80s disco feel – check out Garments in Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg.”



Olive Duran, @Oliveduran
“Fridays for me, always start with a trip to Pick’n’Weight in Bergmannkiez, where I scour their rails of ’90s vintage sportswear. I always leave with something to wear out that night”.



Uwa Scholz, @uwa2000
“Every Berliner has their unpretentious neighbourhood Italian restaurant that they love. I am no exception – mine is Petite Europe in Schöneberg.”



Konrad Langer, @konaction
Mobile photographer
“Need some space? Head to the abandoned Tempelhof airport and take a stroll across the old runways, or sit in the community allotments and watch people bike and skate past. If you enter via the Neukölln side (Boddinstraße) there’s loads of lovely cafes and bars in the Schillerkiez, perfect for a Sunday coffee or beer.”



Flore Schmidt, @roamers_berlin
Owner of
café Roamers
Burg & Schild on Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße is a cool destination for heritage menswear labels from the US and Japan – I always go there for denim.”



Masha Sedgwick, @Mashasedgwick
Fashion and lifestyle blogger
“A visit to Berlin is not complete without piling into one of the two-euro, vintage-style black and white photo booths scattered across the city. There’s one on Veteranenstraße.”



Dustin Hanke, @dustinhanke
Blogger at
“Need to eat? Head to Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte. My favourite is the newly-opened Klub Kitchen, or La Pausa for a relaxed slice of pizza.”



Laura Maria Wulff, @laura_loudd
Victoria Bar on Potsdamer Straße is reminiscent of a bygone era. It feels like you have fallen out of time, perhaps that’s why I always seem to drink too much when I go there!”



Maria Giesecke, @mareiha
Digital communications and relations manager, writer for, and brand manager at iCracked
“Need some excellent delicatessen products? Check out Candy on Bone.”


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