SLEEK asked the city’s best-dressed how they work the cult brand


How Berliners Wear Chanel Photography by Christian Werner
Maryama Luccioni

This dress is actually customised from vintage silk scarves by Chanel. My good friend Vava Dudu, an artist and costume designer, made it for me. She creates incredible one-off pieces for Nicola Formichetti and Peaches. I wore it to the closing party at Trouw in Amsterdam, and it was the perfect party-dress, as it’s reversible so I could keep switching it around all night as I danced.

How Berliners Wear Chanel Photography by Christian Werner
Maryama’s gold spray-painted walls

I need everything in my world to be tactile and beautiful: from my clothes, to my home and even my club night. I spray-painted my bedroom gold so it wouldn’t look like all those other white Berlin apartments, and I have banned phones and digital photography at our club night, it’s film-cameras only.


How Berliners Wear Chanel Photography by Christian Werner
Patrick Mason

I was given money from my relatives for my Catholic communion when I was a teenager, and went straight out and spent it all on these Chanel sunglasses. My mother went nuts! She said, “I don’t even have any Chanel!” I moved out of Regensburg – a small town in Bavaria as soon as I could to Berlin. You can be whomever you want to here.

How Berliners Wear Chanel Photography by Christian Werner
Patrick Mason with his collection for Berlin Alternative Fashion Week

People often recognise me as the guy in Berghain who wears the Westwood hats – it’s one of my style signatures. I haven’t been out for a while, I have to set an example to my assistants! I am showing my collection in the Alternative Fashion Week this weekend, it’s called “The Alchemist and the Fool.” I am hoping to get on to the MA for menswear at Central Saint Martins. There’s such a party-lifestyle here in Berlin, it’s hard to meet people who actually get out of bed and do something. Putting together this show has been so much work and I’m really proud, but can’t wait until it’s over and we can celebrate – this Sunday in Berghain is going to be big!



How Berliners Do Chanel Photography by Christian Werner
Roman Vardijan with his Chanel swim paddles

Chanel was my gateway brand to collecting designer fashion. I met this fabulous older lady in Munich, she was so elegant with white-manicured hair and tweed suits. We became friends and she would invite me to her house twice a year to eat cakes, drink tea and “view” her Chanel collection – although she had a rule; I was only allowed to see five items-per-visit. It was enough to get me hooked though!  Chanel will always be my “first love.” My current favourites are these swimming paddles from the Sports collection – what could be more chic?

How Berliners Wear Chanel
In Roman’s archive

Stylists and designers hyperventilate when they come to my archive in Mitte and see all these iconic pieces like the YSL “Verushka” dress, or the Hasidic Jew-style hat from the ’93 Jean Paul Gaultier show. Whether they are into Margiela, Balenciaga or Courrèges: I always have the one thing they are looking for. I buy instinctively and love to spot a future classic, I just invested in Vetements – I saw that oversized bomber and had to have it! I probably have one of the most extensive collections in Europe, but if I am honest, I am only really in this for “the hunt.” I get my kicks from waiting lists and scouring the internet and boutiques for my next fix. Once I have it, I get bored. Sometimes I think about selling it all and starting again!



How Berliners Wear Chanel

Rachael, Freelance Stylist

I make a mental shopping list of really specific items before I know if they actually exist. Currently I am looking for the perfect python-skin loafers. I’ve become very good at online searches: Vestiaire Collective, eBay, Etsy and Depop are the first places I look. One of my best online finds was a powder-blue 90s Versace suit. This pink Chanel two-piece is a dream, I borrowed it from Roman (above) – along with some of the pieces my friends are wearing. His collection is a shrine to fashion.

Chloe, Online Style Presenter

Everyone who loves fashion, loves Chanel. My first Chanel obsession was the “Nouvelle Vague” mint green nail varnish that came out when I was in university. I stocked up and we would have nail-painting parties in my halls of residence; we thought it was the coolest thing.

Holly-ann, Fashion Writer

My Chanel 2.55 flap bag was a 21st birthday present from my mother. She has one, and I think she was giving me something she knew I would always love. I liked it at the time, but didn’t really fully “get” into it until I was a bit older. I think I wear it slightly differently than my mum does: with loafers, and an over-sized coat and jeans – but it’s a fashion classic, and I think I would get one for my daughter for her 21st.

How Berliners Wear Chanel
Holly-ann and her 2.55

Photography by Christian Werner

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