Artist Community Unites in Berlin to Support Refugees

Refugio in Berlin will host a series of events organised by renowned artists to support refugees
Refugio in Berlin will host a series of events organised by renowned artists to support refugees

Jeff Mills, Irvine Welsh and other renowned artists are joining forces to support refugees through a series of talks, workshops meetings, and a fundraiser event organised by the AYD Foundation in Berlin.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, more than 40 countries around the world have built fences on their borders with 60 of their neighbours. The ongoing refugee crisis has seen European governments plan and build security fences across the continent. Europe will soon have more physical barriers on its national boundaries than it did during the Cold War. To counter this, the AYD Foundation, an NGO based in Berlin, begins a series of events aimed at gathering funds for refugees, and raising awareness of the interconnection between the refugee crisis and climate change.

Starting in June the programme offers various activities with refugees across the city, including storytelling evenings, art workshops, music and theatre, and cooking.

“The cultural sector and the arts can address marginalization and create dialogue better than government institutions,” says Olafur Eliasson about his Green Light project. “It’s about people meeting, and bringing people together, to bring about a dialogue with migrants.”

Anyone can support this cause, as most of the events are open to the public or by purchasing fashion merchandise that will be sold in another project with a Swedish label.

All proceeds will go to the AYD Foundation and its partners (GSBTB, Refugio, I AM YOU). For more info visit

“Sometimes the only way to change things is to come together and create one voice. And sometimes that voice has to go to the street and protest and to stand for what they believe in” Jeff Mills

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