This Mobile App Wants You to Get off Your Phone


Ekene Ijeoma Look Up art app


Though bumping into that attractive stranger at a busy NYC crosswalk might make for the perfect meet cute story in your favourite romcom, the truth of the matter is that it’s actually pretty dangerous. Enter Look Up, a new mobile app created by artist and designer Ekene Ijeoma that aims to get people, well, looking up.

Combining aggregated GPS data of its users with statistics of all crash injuries and fatalities in New York City, the project utilises colourfully abstract visuals and vibration technology to alert participants how many injuries have occurred at the specified intersection. The mobile app serves as a subtle nudge to a generation of tech zombies too busy to notice our surroundings. Though it is still only available for Android phones via the Google Play store, Ijeoma anticipates an Apple release sometime next month.


Look Up is available for download on Google Play




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