Munich’s Historical Creative District gets Re-energised


Fisherman by Sebastian Wandl
“Fisherman”, by Sebastian Wandl. Image from DEIN VIERTEL. DEINE LEINWAND.


Gärtnerplatz has for long been considered Munich’s artistic hub; first famed as a gallery district, it is now the place many creatives, artists and advertisers call home. David Stephan, founder of the david+martin creative agency and co-initiator of the event, says, “One of our goals is to help people perceive this neighbourhood differently. We hope the residents will again appreciate the quality of life and the urban identity of their district.”

“DEIN VIERTEL. DEINE LEINWAND.” (“From the neighbourhood. For the neighbourhood.”) is the name david+martin and Red Bull have given this project, and its main goal is to transform the Gärtnerplatz district into an experiential and interactive work of art. The committee members appointed Marco Schwalbe — the founder and managing director of the STROKE Urban Art Fair in Munich — as the art consultant, and through their collective efforts have managed to secure the participation of over 40 galleries, restaurants, bars, cafes and shops in the district. During the four week time-span of the project, the neighbourhood has seen art installations, concerts, fresh façades, streetscapes and parties that continue to invigorate its artistic, musical and overall creative scene.

““DEIN VIERTEL. DEINE LEINWAND.” is more than a series of actions coordinated by us: above all, it’s a call for people to become active themselves,” said David Stephen. And boy have people done it.


DEIN VIERTEL. DEINE LEINWAND” is on display at Munich’s Gärtnerplatz until 7 August 2016




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