5 Young Photographers You Should Know in 2016


"Eternal Beauty II" (film still), 2014, by Juno Calypso
“Eternal Beauty II” (film still), 2014, by Juno Calypso


Every autumn Foam Magazine releases its Talent Issue, a showcase of the world’s young photographers currently performing at the top of their game. This recognition is a monumental accomplishment that positions emerging creatives towards a lasting career marked with critically acclaimed success. For 2016, the periodical has selected 24 photographers all under the age of 35. Of the talents chosen, we’ve narrowed down the list to five artists whose images we instantly loved.

Here, we present our five favourite photographers from Foam Magazine’s 2016 Talent Issue.

For more on Foam’s hand-picked emerging talent, don’t forget to read out our exclusive feature with Juno Calypso here.


FOAM Talent Issue 2016
Left: “The Tiger King”, right: “Mbagne with Watermelon”; by Sofia Ayarzagoitia

1. Sofia Ayarzagoitia – Monterrey, Mexico


With a focus on creating intimate connections between each subject, Sofia Ayarzagoitia has spent most of her career shooting friends and family from her hometown. For “Mbagne” the photographer showcases her friend Mbagne in 35mm film as he poses in front of vibrant backdrops of blue.



FOAM Talent Issue 2016
Both images from “Pieces of me” b Louise Parker

2. Louise Parker – New York City, USA

“Pieces of me”

Continuing in the tradition of her oft-forgotten female Dada predecessors, Louise Parker’s cut-and-paste imagery is a critical analysis of societal tropes associated with womanhood. Because Parker also works as a model, this satirical approach serves as an attempt to regain agency of her image.



FOAM Talent Issue 2016
Both images from “I am woman and I feast on memory” by Ilona Szwarc

3. Ilona Szwarc – Los Angeles, USA

“I am a woman and I feast on memory”

In a vein similar to Louise Parker, Ilona Szwarc crafts images with gender as the pivotal theme. For “I am woman and I feast on memory”, her portraits begin with a bare-faced woman who quickly morphs into an unrecognisable caricature as a result of heavy make-up and face paint. For Szwarc, this transformation is meant to symbolise societal pressures on appearance, and how humans oftentimes become strangers to their former selves.



FOAM Talent Issue 2016
Left: “Sculpture study, bust with clay”, right: “Sculpture study, 3 baskets”; 2015, by Nico Krijno

4. Nico Krijno – Cape Town, South Africa

“Fabricated to be Photographed”

Creating artworks as both a photographer and a sculptor, Nico Krijno’s colourful images are a seamless blend of the two practices. “Fabricated to be Photographed” is a series of photographs by Krijno that showcase the artist’s mastery of each medium.



FOAM Talent Issue 2016
Both images from “Erbgericht” by Andrea Grützner

5. Andrea Grützner – Berlin, Germany


The works of Berlin-based Andrea Grützner are similar to a guessing game where the viewer is forced to figure out what it is they’re looking at. Luckily for the artist, this is her intent. The minimalist images that comprise “Erbgericht” feature interiors of an inn located in Neustadt, with each photograph displaying Grützner’s unorthodox approach to proportion and point of view.


Out now, the 2016 Foam Magazine Talent issue is available for purchase at shop.foam.org/




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