Berlin’s Brightest Fashion Photography Talents


Young Photographer Maxime Ballesteros
Photography by Maxime Ballesteros, image courtesy of


Next month Berlin will celebrate the European Month of Photography, an annual event held every October in the German capital since 2004. The nation’s largest festival for photography, this affair pays tribute to exemplary talent across the continent. It should be noted, however, that there is an overflow of gifted photo artists hiding in the metropolis year-round. This skilled set of individuals are merging the city’s unique cultural perspective into their work, creating images that seamlessly blend fashion, art and photography together. Below are five artists exhibiting massive talent and putting Berlin on the map as a major contender in fashion photography.


Jonas Lindstroem fashion photography
Photography by Jonas Lindstroem, images courtesy of

Jonas Lindstroem

With work that spans design, art and fashion, Jonas Lindstroem is Berlin’s go-to guy for excellent photography no matter the subject. His sharp use of colour and glossy style have landed him gigs with fashion’s biggest names including Kenzo, Fendi and Costume National.



Markus Jans fashion photography
Photo by Markus Jans for Marni x H&M

Markus Jans

Splitting his time between Paris and Berlin, Markus Jans has most likely shot your favourite silver screen star at least once throughout his career. Before embarking into photography the German creative actually studied philosophy. Hence why his work always demands such intimacy from the subject. He has maintained a lifelong professional relationship with famed photographer Nan Goldin, working as her assistant prior to going solo.



Maxime Ballestreros fashion photographer
Photography by Maxime Ballesteros, images courtesy of

Maxime Ballesteros

Creating provocative imagery that is both sexy and scary all at once, Maxime Ballesteros creates photographs that perfectly embody the spirit of Berlin. His light-filled artworks are a nod back to early ’80s aesthetics, with high-flash composition and plenty of fetish-wear to go around. See more of his works here.



Young Berlin-based photographer Timothy Schaumburg
Photography by Timothy Schaumburg, image courtesy of

Timothy Schaumburg

Timothy Shaumburg is a young photographer creating work that will leave you in a daze.  He effortlessly combines washes of colour and light to create fashion-forward images that can be easily spotted in popular indie publications like Tank and Tush.



Berlin-based fashion photographer Ophelie Rondeau
Photography by Ophelie Rondeau, image courtesy of

Ophelie Rondeau

Paying homage to 1970s cult movies and their obsession with all-girl gangs, Ophelie Rondeau‘s work looks like a perfectly preserved snapshot in time. The artist’s obsession with repetition has led her to create the photo series “#Ophelieandthegirls”, a project in which Rondeau intends to showcase patterns of recurring themes and motifs.




Milan SS'17 Street Style by Nico Stinghe
The Wild Street Style of Milan