The Brand Responsible for Models Taking Skincare Selfies

Images courtesy of Instagram @magicstripes


You may have noticed a sudden increase in the amount of models and make-up artists sharing their skincare secrets via social media. Rather than waiting around in a makeup chair for hours, there’s a thriving new trend in snapping yourself mid-pamper session. The brand behind the most selfie-worthy beauty masks in the business? MAGICSTRIPES. Its legion of fans includes Berlin babes Veronika Heilbrunner and Stella von Senger, as well as a slew of beauty insiders who reach for these hydrating treatments when they need to prep models’ notoriously overworked skin. As if its tried-and-true formula wasn’t enough, the slightly creepy gel masks and paper face veils are making everyone reach for their iPhones.

Beauty masks have come a long way since the messy blue gunk you may have experienced as a teen. In an effort to combat this, makeup artist Natalie Franz has used years of experience in the industry to create beauty addicts’ newest trick for glowing skin. Looking beyond the visage, MAGICSTRIPES also offers the perfect remedy for dry, wintertime hands. We’ve even spotted models rocking the brand’s hand repairing gloves behind the scenes on more than a few shoots. Our personal favourite is the Wake Me Up collagen eye patches, a multi-purpose product that cools the fragile area of skin below the eyes while adding moisture and moderating dark circles, leaving you selfie-ready both during and after the treatment.

Images courtesy of Instagram @magicstripes


MAGICSTRIPES are available for purchase on the company’s website




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