This Website Guesses Your Identity Based on Your Interests


It’s 2016 and the Big Brother that George Orwell warned us all about is now a reality named YouGov. However, this particular ominous informant is more concerned with your cultural consumption than any political affiliation (for now at least). Collecting a range of information that includes your favourite musicians, meals and clothing brands, all of your interests are then used for marketing purposes.

But now you can pull back the curtain and see how it works. YouGov profiles allows you to type in almost any brand, advertisement or thing, and see the relative age, wealth, and political leanings of somebody who shares those interests. Nevertheless, such a method cannot proclaim to be 100%, throwing up some strange surprises along the way. Let’s take a look at what some of the things you like says about you.

(Note: This study is only based upon residents of the United Kingdom, as many inputs on the German version still lacks sufficient data)

Search For Whatever You Desire. Credit: YouGov

Tracey Emin

As well as investing with Smile Bank and googling Diana Vickers, fans of the artist — rich, middle-aged females from London — love Twin Peaks (understandable), pierogi and believe “the world would be better if women were in charge”.

David Hockney

Loved in his hometown, the average Hockney fan is from Yorkshire, works in architecture and can’t say no to a caper beurre blanc. They also daydream about becoming a guest on the BBC show Desert Island Discs.

Pancha Villa

A photo posted by Girls On Tinder With Guns (@girlsontinderwithguns) on


Slightly troubling, your primary interest is shooting. As expected, your second favourite app is Snapchat.

Damien Hirst

Your a left-wing female who enjoys watching TV and going to betting shops.


Your favourite film is The Bee Movie.


You live around Bristol and wouldn’t mind having a wind turbine in your area. I feel Banksy answered this one.

Dr. Martens

If you wear the infamous shoe you are to the left of Lenin, describe yourself as alternative, drink Guinness and really really love The Smiths.

Vivienne Westwood

Your favourite food is the unassuming Tuna Sandwich.

You can get both here! Photo Credit: Helen Page


You love shopping, Primark and hot dogs. This explains the retailer’s new Alexanderplatz location.


Your are a young, middle-class, left wing male working in media and publishing. Hey YouGov, stop stalking me.



Getting it absolutely right, the average Nickelback fan works in military and defence, is interested in the 2003 Iraq War, loves Jared Leto and read The Sun.


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