The sex-positive illustration Instagrams you should be following

Erotic Illustration Instagram Sex
Images courtesy of @apolloniasaintclair_


The super talented and erotic neo-noir artist has gained over 200K followers on Instagram for her mesmerising and surrealist drawings of weirdly wonderful and humorously feminist sexscapes. But even with her growing success and hugely loyal fan base, the artist still makes a virtue of remaining anonymous behind her alias Apollonia Saintclair. “I personally believe that in our “selfie” society, privacy is one of the last true luxuries,” she told Dazed. For her, its all about the art, her Instagram bio reading: “Ink is my blood. I draw for my own sake and for your pleasure.”



Erotic Illustration Instagram Sex
Images courtesy of @bonercandy69


The young Vancouver B.C-based artist behind @bonercandy96 is empowering her female followers through her bad-ass, girl-power, erotic illustrations. Her mission is to promote feminism and focus on themes such as girlhood, coming of age, the male gaze and society’s view on the female body. She wants to create, as her Instagram bio reads, “A safe space to liberate sex positive issues.”



Erotic Illustration Instagram Sex
Images courtesy of @pigolin


His colourful illustrations are packed with obscure erotic fantasies and sarcastic metaphors honouring the power of female sexuality and the female body in all its glory. Although he expresses that liberating sexuality is not the main goal of his art, the Chinese artist has contributed to abolishing the taboos around sex and sexuality for more than 30 years, especially in Chinese culture. While his Instagram bio simply reads:”Soft erotic art,” his many followers adore these sex-positive and highly liberating images.



Erotic Illustration Instagram Sex
Images courtesy of @_y_s_s_a_


YSSA is the artist behind the project Between The Lines, an erotic colouring book in the making. She got the idea for the project after stumbling upon an adult colouring book at the airport, finding it to be neither exclusively for adults or what she considers great art. By taking the “for adults” label literally, YSSA is on a mission to help de-stigmatise porn. As she expresses on her website: “There are more and more women in the adult film business shaking up the landscape, let’s support them with tasteful art!” Even though the colouring book is not out yet, YSSA’s Instagram is already filled with the uncoloured and cheeky drawings for her many followers to dive into. As her Instagram bio reads: “I draw. You colourise.”




Erotic Illustration Instagram Sex
Art by @clubclitoris, @hannahcakekelley, @tinamariaelena, @weisstub, @rudd11. Courtesy of @aotearotica.


Aotearotica is a New Zealand based literary journal aiming to present erotic art work exploring the depth and diversity of sexuality. Their Instagram contains literally all you need in erotic sex-positive art, featuring only high standard artists. This includes Apollonia Saintclair, Nikki Pecasso and Pigo Lin amongst other hyped feminists artists as Club Clitoris and Hannah Kate Kelley. Their Instagram bio sums it up perfectly, reading: “Sex positive, including erotica magazine”.

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