10 Art Films Not to Miss at Berlinale 2017

Winters in Berlin are notoriously awful; it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dark and it’s windy. Every time you leave the house the tiresome procession of putting on hats and coats and jumpers and scarves is enough to make you want to stay at home. Nevertheless, there is a brief shining moment worth sticking around the city for: Berlinale. Ostensibly the biggest film festival in the world (we’re talking size – Cannes still reigns supreme with regards to star power), this year’s Berlinale will premiere the latest and greatest films from auteurs such as Kaurismäki, Schlondorff and Boyle.

While the competition films are exciting, chances are they will make it to your local box office in the near future. Much more transient are the art-house films premiering at the Forum and Panorama sections. This could be your only chance to see these movies, as they don’t always receive worldwide release. Read below for our selection of the 10 art-house films you can’t-miss at this year’s Berlinale.



From “Somniloquies,” 2017


Section: Forum 

An intense exploration of the dream-state, somniloquies interrogates the barrier between sleep and the human body. At a brisk 73 minutes, this experimental movie promises to be quite unique.

When’s It Screening: Sunday, February 12, 19:00, Akademie Die Künste; Tuesday, February 14, 12:30, Kino Arsenal 1; Wednesday, February 15, 16:30, Delphi Filmpalast; Sunday February 19, 12, Zoo Palast 2



From “Off Frame aka Revolution Until Victory,” 2017

Off Frame aka Revolution Until Victory

Section: Forum Expanded

This documentary is a collection of other films, spliced together. Taking together a vast amount of Palestinian struggle cinema made between 1968 and 1982, director Mohanad Yaqubi creates a revolutionary experience all his own.

When’s It Screening: Monday, February 13, 16:30, Delphi Filmpalast; Friday February 17, 17:30, Kino Arsenal 1


From “Fighting Through The Night,” 2017

Fighting Through The Night

Section: Panorama Documentary

You might need a cushion for this one! Clocking in at just under five hours, Sylvain L’Espérance’s documentary observes the minutiae of life in contemporary Greece, an economically struggling country that has been forgotten across Europe.

When’s It Screening: Monday, February 13, 15:00, Cine Star 7; Wednesday, February 15, 16:00, Cubix 7; Saturday, February 18, 17:00. All screenings have a fifteen minute intermission. 


From “The Kali of Emergency,” 2017

The Kali of Emergency

Section: Forum Expanded

How do gods live in modern society? The Kali of Emergency seeks to answer this question, in the process creating “a metaphysical contemplation in times of perpetual emergencies.”

When’s It Screening: Friday, February 10, 19:00, Akademie Die Künste; Saturday February 11, Kino Arsenal 1


From "Streetscapes
From “Streetscapes [Dialogue],” 2017

Streetscapes [Dialogue]

Section: Forum

A very playful, metafictional film indeed, Streetscapes[Dialogue] starts with a film director talking to his therapist about his work, before wondering whether these conversations could be made into a film. Yet, before we know it, this very idea becomes the film we are watching. A sly exploration of what it means to be an artist.

When’s It Screening: Monday, February 13, 18:45, Delphi Filmpalast; Sunday, February 19, 11:00, Cinestar 8


From “Skins,” 2017


Section: Panorama Special

Not to be confused with the British TV series, Skins uses an extremely stylised, episodic style in order to bend commonly held notions about sex, gender and beauty standards.

When’s It Screening: Saturday, February 11, 21:30, Zoo Palast 1; Sunday, February 12, 12:45, Cinemaxx 7; Monday, February 13, 17:00, Cubix 9; Saturday, February 18, 22:45, Cubix 7 & 8, Sunday, February 19, 22:30, Colosseum 1


From “From The Balcony,” 2017

From The Balcony

Section: Panorama

The premise is simple, but highly intriguing. A man sits on a balcony and, while watching life go by, takes us on a journey through his stream-of-consciousness. With a mix of documentary footage, animation and video clips, From The Balcony looks to be a unique collage about a man and his unique place in the world.

When’s It Screening: Sunday, February 12, 20:00, Cinemaxx 7; Monday, February 13, 22:45, Cinestar 3; Tuesday, February 14, 20:15, Cubix 7 & 8; Wednesday, February 15, 17:45, Cinestar 3; Saturday, February, 18, 20:00, Cinemaxx 7


From “Spin,” 2017


Section: Forum Expanded

Tackling both the heady concept of “spinning” in experimental physics and Sufism in Islam, Spin looks to be a much-needed bridge between both scientific and religious concepts. Mixing fictional characters with real-life interviews, the film will also be as experiential as it is enlightening.


From “Untitled,” 2017


Section: Panorama Documentary

Untitled appears to be an unimaginative title – until you realise the circumstances surrounding its production. Taking a purposefully aimless journey around the world to create an image “that can only be made if you don’t follow a topic,” filmmaker Michael Glawogger died in the process of making this film. Therefore, it was up to editor Monika Willi to shape something transcendental from the raw material he left behind. With that in mind, the title makes perfect sense.

When’s It Screening: Monday, February 13, 19:30, International; Tuesday, February 14, 22:30, Cinestar 7; Wednesday, February 15, 14:00, International; Saturday, February 18, 17:00, International; Sunday, February 19, 17:00, Cinestar 7


From “A Year Of Non-Events,” 2017

From a Year of Non-Events

Section: Forum
With a runtime seven minutes shorter than its subject’s 90-year lifespan, From A Year of Non-Events is an essay on the nature of life through the depiction of an old man who lives alone in northern Germany. It promises to be as interesting as it will be visually ravishing.

When’s It Screening: Saturday, February 11, 17:30, Kino Arsenal 1;  Tuesday, February 14, 14:00, Akademie der Künste; Thursday, February 16, 19:30, Cinemaxx 4; Saturday, February 18, 16:30, Delphi Filmpalast


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