Miu Miu Debuts Chloë Sevigny’s Latest Film

Miu Miu : Women’s Tales No. 13
Chloë Sevigny in Miu Miu. Courtesy of Miu Miu


For their Women’s Tales short film series, Miu Miu has asked Chloë Sevigny to direct a short film dealing with femininity in the 21st century. Sevigny chose to portrait stand-up comedienne Carmen Lynch within the neon-lit nighttime surroundings of Portland. The beautiful featurette provides an intimate view into how she deals with the insecurities caused by looks, dreams and absurd mating rituals by relentlessly poking fun at them. Carmen is the 13th movie from the ongoing series which includes short films by directors such as Zoe Cassavetes, Angès Varda and Miranda July.

You can watch Chloë Sevigny’s entire short film here


Miu Miu : Women’s Tales No. 13

Karin Frank Körlof
European Shooting Stars: Karin Franz Körlof