9 Underwear Brands Changing the Game


Although wearing a pretty set of underwear can serve as an instant confidence boost, the lingerie industry has long been dominated by uncomfortable fits, limited size charts and clothes especially designed for the male gaze. However, more and more fashion designers – often young women unsatisfied with the undergarment choices they were presented with – are tackling those problems with unique designs and beautiful ad campaigns, showing that there is beauty beyond the Victoria’s Secret-imposed norm.



Images courtesy of @creepyyeha
Images courtesy of @creepyyeha


Creepyyeha‘s fetish-inspired garments are handcrafted in New York by Chinese-American designer Yeha Leung and have been sported by the likes of FKA Twigs and drag icon Violet Chachki. The bras, harnesses, belts and chokers modelled by male and female beaus of all sizes are made-to-order, and vegan leather options are also available.



Images courtesy of Silk N' Honey
Images courtesy of Ozcult


Satin covered in cheeky and empowering stitchings, pastel colours and a campaign shot by Arvida Byström: Oscult’s Silk N’ Honey collection will fulfil all your fourth-wave-feminist needs. The brand also sells reflective vinyl underwear that will make you stand out in every situation.



Images courtesy of Coco De Mer
Images courtesy of Coco De Mer


Coco de Mer is a lingerie and sex toy shop based in London offering beautiful lacy panties and bras as well as more kinky underwear.



Images courtesy of Lonely Label
Images courtesy of Lonely Label


Lonely‘s untouched campaign photos of Girls actresses and Jemima Kirke and Lena Dunham recently went viral. Just as dazzling as the intimate film photographs, Lonely’s underwear is designed to underline the natural beauty of women of all sizes.



Images courtesy of Fleur Du Mal
Images courtesy of Fleur Du Mal


Fleur du Mal offers beautiful soft cupped and underwire bras, proving that the push up is more than passé. With Swarovski-embellished co-ords and tattoo-inspired stitchings, they offer comfortable underwear you’ll love to see yourself wearing.



Images courtesy of Elissa Poppy, @elissapoppy, photography Sebastian Hinds
Images courtesy of Elissa Poppy, @elissapoppy, photography Sebastian Hinds


Elissa Poppy‘s bras and knickers are so delicate and enchantingly detailed that it takes a moment to realise they are actually made of latex. Adding a feminine touch to the fetish materials, the up-and-coming British designer has launched three collections featuring latex in lace and marble options.



Images courtesy of Pantsy
Images courtesy of Pansy


Pansy is a feel-good, eco-friendly and sweatshop-free underwear brand based in sunny California. From cotton to packaging, all materials used in the process of making these comfortable pieces are organic and made in the U.S.A.



Images courtesy of Loveday London
Images courtesy of Loveday London


From scented candles to delicate loungewear, Loveday London offers everything it takes to turn your bedroom into a boudoir. However, their expertise lies within UK-fabricated undergarments that emit Old Hollywood glamour.



Images courtesy of Tres Bonjours
Images courtesy of Tres Bonjour and Vogue Germany, photo by Luigi + Daniele & Iango


Très Bonjour’s latex lingerie has been featured in German Vogue numerous times. Located in Europe’s fetish capital Berlin, the shop uses leo-print and see-through materials to create form-fitting clothes that will feel tight in all the right places.




Image research by Nathalie Francois

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