Mossy’s makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury Hits up Berlin

London beauty guru Charlotte Tilbury sets up shop in KaDeWe

From drag queens to Kate Moss, there is only one makeup artist’s line that the glamour-hungry lust over, and that is Charlotte Tilbury‘s. Tilbury is unashamedly old-school when it comes to the rules of beauty, declaring that she reapplies her makeup before bed (apparently her husband has never seen her without it on). These sort of statements might prompt some feminists to tear their hair out, however, with 1.2 million Instagram followers, a roster of celebrity clients including Eva Mendes and Penelope Cruz, plus a CV which boasts W Magazine, Vogue, Vanity Fair and campaigns for designers like Tom Ford, she must be doing something right. Tilbury’s 1950s approach to beauty is part of her charm, and if you don’t take it too seriously, her rose-gold encased products are seriously addictive.

For Tilbury’s Quick ‘N’ Easy line, products are sold in “full-looks” targeted towards busy women on-the-go. Each kit promises to transform you from drab to glam in a matter of five minutes, making it ideal for the office, gym or even the back of an Über. With shop-able video tutorials available for each look on her site, these sets are perfect for the YouTube generation.

Eager to see just how quick and easy the line is, SLEEK’s team tried out a few of her most popular looks and reported back.


Red Carpet Party Look
Jessica Hannan, SLEEK’s Fashion and Beauty Director

As a Londoner, I am a huge Tilbury fan, so was delighted to hear that she was setting up a store in Berlin. I love her whole ethos; the Ibiza home, her “sweetie, darling” old-school fashion vibe, and of course her beautiful products. I wear a lot of makeup already so was happy to trial the “Red Carpet Look”. The Wonder Glow smelt amazing, like Turkish delights, and smoothed my skin out nicely. I was a bit worried about a pencil  (Barbarella Brown) to do “eye flicks”, as I usually use liquid eyeliner, but it went on easily. The “Legendary Lashes”, were as camp and fabulous as one would expect, all spidery and ’60s. Finally the lip pencil and Lipstick in “red carpet red”, was my favourite part, it was as matte as a MAC lipstick (my usual go-to), but less drying, with lots of pigment and staying power. I am in love with the decadent rose-gold bullet-style packaging. I have never followed a makeup tutorial, so quite liked that part, however, I would say the eyebrows felt a bit bare with such a heavy face and needed something.


Natural Glowing Look

Emma Krauss, Fashion Intern

For someone who rarely wears makeup, – and when I do it’s no more than a coat of mascara and a bold lipstick – I was happy to be told early on in the tutorial how easy the “Natural Glowing Look” would be to achieve, (easy enough for Charlotte’s 7 year old son, apparently). The look I tried out is not really my style, so I’m not sure I would try again, but the products felt very luxe to use. My favourite was the “Beach Blush Stick”. I was totally sold on the idea of effortless beauty. 


Smokey Eye Evening Look

Laura Matthews, Fashion Intern

I’m actually a big beauty junkie, and spend more money than I’d like to admit on hoarding products. My high school years consisted of many afternoons on YouTube, watching tutorials dedicated to achieving the perfect cut crease or how to re-enact Lady Gaga’s makeup from “Telephone” (2009 was a rough year, kids). Therefore, I was really excited to try my hand at Charlotte Tilbury’s five minute “Smokey Eye Evening Look”. When we first received the big package of goods, I was immediately attracted to the illuminators and contouring kits, two products that were unfortunately not included in my step-by-step guide but I would be interested in trying out in the future. This look relies heavily on one specific product – the “Colour Chameleon” eyeshadow stick in Black Diamonds – and at the time of application it had been misplaced around the office. That’s not Charlotte’s fault, though, and I attempted to make do with everything else. As a result, my finished look doesn’t exactly scream smokey eye, but it was fun nonetheless. As someone who has used plenty of both high-end and drugstore products, I can vouch that these kits are as luxe as they look and I’d love to try her “Bombshell” tutorial one day.


Charlotte Tilbury is available beginning today at KaDeWe in Berlin. For more information please visit


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