Don’t Swipe Left On This Tinder Exhibition

Jiyeon Kim paints Berlin's singles and puts them on display in his latest exhibition

Is there any phenomenon more indicative of our present generation than Tinder? Most of us still have a desire for meaningful connections, but the idea of going to a bar and having to initiate a conversation IRL is simply much too hard. Tinder cuts out the eager friends, alcoholic beverages and sweaty dance-floors, allowing you to find a potential soul mate (read: “soul mate”) with just a simple flick of the finger. Berlin, with its young expat population, and liberal attitude to sex, is one of the best cities to download the app (as told by a friend). It’s cheap, it’s easy, and most of all, you can cab home for a steamy night of fun for less than 10€.

Arguably the most ironic date idea for your next Tinder hang is this weekend’s must-see event: City Of Singles — Exhibitions of Tinder. It is the brainchild of Korean artist Jiyeon Kim. Instead of simply swiping left or right on his profiles, he paints them. Yet the aim of the Ex Berlin hosted-exhibition, according to its Facebook page, goes further than its mere novelty factor.

“Daniel, 30” by Jiyeon Kim
“Gabby, 30” by Jiyeon Kim

The Era Of Self-Representation

We live in a selfie-obsessed culture, becoming the documenters of our own lives. Tinder, along with Instagram and Snapchat, is merely another manifestation of the way we present ourselves. As the event page states: “The possibilities to visually represent oneself have never been greater. We all draw our own portraits in real time and they are constantly evolving.” Therefore the exhibition holds the potential to be a fascinating look at how we represent ourselves online. Additionally, its voyeuristic element holds a deeper excitement for anyone wishing to attend; what if you find yourself among the tens of anonymous portraits?

“justin, 22” by Jiyeon Kim
“Christoph, 28” by Jiyeon Kim
“Annabel, 22” by Jiyeon Kim

City Of Singles — Exhibitions of Tinder is on display at Ex Berlin, Zionkirschstrasse 16, from 25 February until 1 March 2017

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