Beauty Remix – The Hair & Make-up Artist Breaking Rules

We sat down with hair and make-up artist Helena Narra to find out what life as a boundary pushing beauty guru is like.

Photography by Anna Daki.

Tell us about how you became a hair and makeup artist and what you are working on at the moment.
It happened by accident to be honest, and now I have worked in the industry for over ten years. Things are evolving right now, I’m working on my own book, it‘s a charity project that involves make-up artists from around the world … which is all I can tell you at the moment! 

You are based in Berlin, what do you like about the city?
It’s a super young, creative and easy going city.

You travel for work a lot too, what other cities do you love?
My absolutely favourite is NYC, I lived there for two years. The city that has inspired me the most has to be Tokyo. I have travelled to this amazing place over 10 times now and I am also considering moving there one day in the future. Let’s see!

Photography by Max vom Hofe

Your work varies from editorials and fashion shows to campaigns. What is your favourite part of the job?
It really depends on the team I am working with! That is exactly why I love my job so much, every day is totally different from far- flung locations, to working with new models and a wide variety of aesthetics – that really keeps it interesting.

and the worst?
Dealing with attitude!

Photography by Anna Daki.

What unusual tools or tricks you have in your kit?  
My secret weapon is a 3B Faber Castell pencil, but I can’t reveal what I use it for!

The skin product you couldn’t ever work without?
Oil spray or generally any oil for the skin.

Photography by Max vom Hofe.

What inspires your work? Do you pre-plan looks or work more spontaneously on the day of a shoot?
If I need to, then I’ll pre-plan my looks but I’m usually not a big fan of preparing too much – as concepts often change and evolve on the shoot day and it’s good to be open to this spontaneity.

Photography by Anna Daki.
Photography by Anna Daki.

Recently more editorials seem to have become super creative in terms of make-up. What daring beauty look would you suggest that some brave makeup lovers could wear in real life this season?
Definitely cream eye shadow. Women are scared to wear it because they always end up with creases in the eyelids – but thats exactly what I love about it! Not everything has to be perfect.

Who are your favourite new faces that you would love to work with? 
There are so many : Sang Woo Kim, Jess PW, Lorena Maraschi, Connor Newall, Charlee Fraser, Sora Choi, and Anna Cleveland are some models I’m really into at the moment.


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