Introducing Adrià Cañameras

The photographer creating a visual ode to Mediterranean summer days

ADRIA? CAN?AMERAS - Corsica, 2012

Adrià Cañameras‘ analogue photographs are intimate documentations of carefree summer days that are guaranteed to evoke some serious wanderlust. The Barcelona-based photographer works free from any genre restrictions, effortlessly bridging portraits with abstract or architectural photography. 

After starting out as an assistant to photographer, gallerist and publisher Misha Kominek, Cañameras was able to set foot in the world of photography himself. Amongst others, he has worked for Dazed & Confused as well as the New York Times. In addition to his editorial works, the 29-year-old has published two books: “Oui Oui La Famille” (2016) is a beautiful portrait of his own family life published with texts in both French and Spanish, representing the two components of his origins. “Anna et Salomé”, which was published two years earlier, shows different places along the coastlines of France, Spain and Italy, mostly consisting of rocks, beaches and the water of the ocean in every imaginable shade of blue. Like most of Adrià Cañameras’ pictures, these images are an ode to summertime, salty hair, sandy buttcheeks and most of all, the Mediterranean sunlight – which has its very own, unique way of shining.

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ADRIA? CAN?AMERAS - Géometrie Parfait, 2012
Géometrie Parfait, 2012
ADRIA? CAN?AMERAS - Cheveux Moulliés, 2012
Cheveux Moulliés, 2012
ADRIA? CAN?AMERAS - Cesar Marinique Pool, 2013
Cesar Marinique Pool, 2013
ADRIA? CAN?AMERAS Ecume, 2013 (from the book Anna et Salome)
Ecume, 2013 (from the book Anna et Salome)
ADRIA? CAN?AMERAS - Ciel, 2010
Ciel, 2010
Mar, 2013

To see more or purchase Adrià Cañameras’ works, visit SLEEK Art now.

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