The Luggage Label Taking Effortless Travel to New Horizons

Introducing the innovative luggage label taking smart travel to a whole new level


For the jet setter requiring more than the average backpack or tattered duffel, HORIZN Studios is here. Blending impeccable design with high-tech features, this range of luggages and accessories provide a smart solution to the hectic life of a vagabond.

Available in two styles with equally fuss-free names like Model M and Model H, both bags come with a GPS system so you can track your most valuable possessions at all times. HORIZN Studios has even included a battery-powered charging system for mobile devices, as well as a mobile app to help with managing all of its seriously techie components. Made from durable nylon and supple leather, Model M is the luxed-out option, whereas Model H boasts a seriously tough and vegan-friendly hardshell exterior.

Shop HORIZN Studios now on the brand’s website or at its easy-to-reach Mitte store.



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