Cruising Along the Hawaiian Coastline with Lexus

A photo diary documenting SLEEK's journey through the lush islands of Hawaii in a brand new Lexus LC Grand Touring Coupe

This February, SLEEK teamed up with Lexus to take their new LC Grand Touring Coupe on a sunny road trip around Hawaii. Famous for its picturesque shoreline, azure seas and tropical rain forests, America’s 50th state also has a blanket ban on billboards – one of the few places in the world to impose such a measure. Combined, these factors make a road trip around the islands blissful and calm, almost meditative.

Cruising down Hawaii’s coastlines surrounded by its sparkling white sand,  the salty air billowing through our open windows, we stopped from time to time to take a picture of the landscape. Only analog photography seemed appropriate to capture the islands’ airy majesty, so that’s what we used. Its slow, contemplative style of image making lent itself perfectly to the relaxed atmosphere of our surroundings, giving us time to consider the features of our temporary, dream-like environment.

But don’t just take our word for it – scroll through the image gallery below and judge the results for yourself.

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