VISCERAL8: The Online Mag Exploring a Word’s Worth

VISCERAL8 is a young arts platform based around the many associations a single word can have

Visceral8 - Ashley Ransom
by Ransom Ashley 

Born out of a love for linguistics and artistic collaboration, VISCERAL8 is an online platform showcasing works by artists from all around the world. Photographers, stylists, painters, graphic designers, animators and illustrators are invited to submit their visual interpretation of a previously assigned word. Based solely on their own associations, they create a series of eight original works that stand for themselves, while engaging in conversation with one another.

The site was founded by NYU students Sabrina Santiago and Sara Laufer. Driven by their mutual interest in photography, art books and editorial work, they asked a group of creatives of all ages for their intuitive interpretation of “form”, the first of the bimonthly assigned words. From Kaspar Kruse’s touching works on shared recollection based around his desk drawer ramblings to Maansi Jain‘s luscious photographic series surrounding form and bling, the contributions for the magazine’s first edition already speaks volumes about the creative power of a sinlge word.

Sabrina and Sara are already planning their next issue which will be dedicated to the word “disposable” and launched on 24 April. Submissions will be accepted from 3 to 17 April 2017. As for the future, the New York duo want to launch a print version in 2018 based on the 6 words assigned throughout the year, providing a more curated and narrative approach to the compilation of artworks. “We believe magazines and art books will always have a place on people’s shelves”, they explain. “There is nothing quite like looking at an art book and being able to touch and turn the pages. The magazine will take up space – it’s the physical difference which will allow VISCERAL8 to not be squeezed onto an iPad or iPhone and risk becoming one in the same”.

Scroll down to see a selection of works from the current issue.

Visceral8 - Mark Griffiths
by Mark Griffiths
Visceral 8 - Maansi Jain
by Maansi Jain
Visceral8 - Katja Stuckrath
by Katja Stuckrath
Visceral8 - Jessica Pettway
by Jessica Pettway
Visceral8 - Annika Weertz
by Annika Weertz
Laurie Anderson at Transmediale
Laurie Anderson in Berlin