Introducing Tim Morris

The photographer whose intriguingly absurd still lifes and pastel-coloured landscapes go far beyond the expected

Tim Morris MIRROR 2013
Mirror, 2013

Hailing from North Yorkshire, Tim Morris is a photographer who has worked in advertising and editorial photography for over 20 years. But it’s his unexpected landscape photographs that really caught our eyes. Each pastel-hued shot shows a new – and often overlooked – side to holiday paradises such as Santa Monica and La Palma.

In addition to intriguing landscape photography, Morris’ talent shines through in his domestic still lifes. For his “George” series, the photographer focuses on a number of kitschy celebrity cult objects, including a George Clooney poster, a George Michael mug and a George V collector’s plate. In his series “Un-Food”, he playfully challenges taste buds through a number of food photographs whose strange arrangements and compositions render them somewhat curious and unnerving. Morris shows how everyday situations can appear terribly absurd if regarded through an outward perspective. His still lifes are the photographic equivalent of walking past an oddly decorated apartment window or a weird arrangement of sorted out household items on the sidewalk. We smirk, wonder at the peculiarity of human taste and proceed with the sensation of having been granted an intimate insight into a stranger’s mind without even having seen their face.

Tim Morris PANDA 2013
Panda, 2013
Tim Morris MICHAEL 2012
Michael, 2012
Tim Morris CLOONEY 21012
Clooney, 2012
Tim Morris UN FOOD #1 2014
Un Food #1, 2014
Tim Morris - Un Food #2, 2014
Un Food #2, 2014
Tim Morris ROCKET 2011
Rocket, 2011

To see more or purchase works by Tim Morris, please visit Sleek Art

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