The Label Embracing Being Black and Non-Binary

NO SESSO Working Girls SS2017 ~shot by Dicko Chan styled by J Sims

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LA-based label No Sesso is currently disrupting the industry with a message that embraces LGBTQ people of all ethnicities. Designer, Pierre Davis is making fashion more inclusive by creating garments that will fit, for example, a trans woman with broad shoulders or a petite man. Drawing inspiration from race, identity and the visual arts, Davis translates her references with the use of various textiles, print, and embroidery. She notes “Every stitch, including the intricate custom hand embroidery, acts as a peaceful protest that seeks to revolutionize the world through fashion and art. Here, the person of color and those who identify as queer or gender fluid are embraced.” With this attitude, it’s no surprise that the brand counts among many devotees Mykki Blanco, Le1f, and Kelsey Lu – well-known artists representing the LGBTQ community.

Leo & Niko in the Summer Capsule Collection. Photo by @ni___ko. Styling by @djprefall

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Look 1 @kandis_williams in the #nosessobumpandcurlsalon jacket photo by @ib_dat_pmf and styling by @djprefall

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Not only does Davis champion diversity she is also fervently eco-conscious. She strives to create as little waste as possible and is constantly considering the brand’s ecological footprint. Mandates like environmentalism and diversity are not new in fashion, but whereas some brands could be accused of exploiting these attitudes for press or as a seasonal trend, Davis lives and breathes these ideals. Every creative decision Davis makes is meticulously considered and designed to celebrate marginalized groups that the fashion industry largely ignores; groups like black women, trans and gender fluid individuals and sex workers.

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In her latest work, Davis created a video titled “Working Girls” which is dedicated to Black, Latin American, and Trans sex workers. There is a pervasive negative stigma attached to sex workers in most parts of the world, however, many fall into this line of work simply because it’s the only means available to them due to their sexual identity or physical appearance. Davis works to elevate these individuals and present them in a different, more positive light.

No Sesso is certainly shaping a more progressive future for fashion by creating clothes that make the often marginalised feel confident about getting dressed. Find out more about the brand here.

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