The Photo Exhibition Exploring German Phrases

The first in a series of single day shows starting this Gallery Weekend.

Photo taken by Marie Déhé

This Gallery Weekend, Berlin-based art director duo Jayme Miller and Vincent Mank launch ‘Unexpectations’, the first in a series of single day photo exhibitions scheduled to punctuate the year.  The two young talents came together years ago in London while employed as interns under renowned photographer Mario Testino. Circumstance had them meet, but it was their passion for imagery that confirmed their friendship.  The pair’s first project, Unexpectations, emerged from recognizing that the commercial responsibilities of publications and galleries were significantly restricting the emergence of undiscovered artists and the free expression of established ones.  Miller and Mank were excited by the idea of creating an open platform, uninhibited by industry or fiscal pressures, that both emerging and established photographers could use.

Each show will take place over the course of just one day, feature a new set of international photographers and be accompanied by a high-quality publication of the exhibited work.   The exhibitions will also be assigned loose themes, but allow for a wide margin of interpretation and are taken from a different German phrase- perhaps a song title, an advertising gimmick or an idiom.  The theme of the first exhibition is: “Wunder Gibt Es Immer Wieder”, the title of German folk pop song which translates to: ‘Wonders Always Happen’.

Atrium Tower, 20th floor Potstdamer Platz

In keeping with the breaking of convention, Miller and Mank have chosen to forego the traditional gallery space and instead seek out vacant commercial spaces with no prior association with the art or fashion industry.   These spaces, normally off-limits to the public, perpetuate the concept of diminished limitations.  This weekend, the show will take place Saturday April 29th from 4-10pm , on the 20th floor of a sprawling Atrium tower in Potsdamer Platz.  Keep an eye out for the accompanying publication which will be available for purchase on-site.

Take a look at the work of the six selected photographers being featured in the inaugural exhibition:

Concept and Curation by Jayme Miller & Vincent Mank

Graphic Design by Timo Schmitt

Coordination and Production by Clara Kühn

Special thanks to Postdamer Platz

The first in a series of single day photo exhibitions.



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