Why is London’s Grime Scene Supporting Jeremy Corbyn?

JME, Novelist and AJ Tracey have all taken to Twitter to show support for Corbyn. Bless up, Labour

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Ever since Grime’s inception in the early 2000s, the genre has long maintained a strenuous relationship with British authorities. It has been over a decade since Dizzee Rascal declared himself a “problem for Anthony Blair” on his Mercury-winning album “Boy in da Corner”, and nine years since  Lethal Bizzle called David Cameron a donut because of the former PM’s condescending “hug a hoodie” comments.

However, Grime’s dissatisfaction with British PMs has only grown larger in recent years. 20-year-old rapper Novelist spat eloquent bars proclaiming a hardcore anti-Tory sentiment over his track “Street Politician” and debuted a bass-heavy instrumental especially for the former PM called “David Cameron Riddim” last year. The comments section strongly advise David to suck his Mum. While Skepta’s biggest engagement with politics came when he half-heartedly praised London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan for “going against the grain.” The internationally-acclaimed rapper prefers to avoid politics completely, proclaiming that him and his Gs “don’t listen to no politican” on his hit track “Shutdown“.

Nonetheless, Grime’s biggest stars have taken a new approach to politics by showing support for Labour following Theresa May’s call for a snap general election on 8 June 2017. Last week, big names including JME, AJ Tracey, Novelist and Akala have taken to Twitter to publicly and proudly endorse Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party as their candidate of choice. Grime has always been a vital political mouthpiece for working class Brits, meaning that encouragement to vote Labour from influential MCs such as Novelist and JME could potentially see a significant resurgence in votes for Labour during the upcoming election and pierce the London liberal bubble.

Corbyn was quick to realise the political potential the genre’s support for his viability as the next prime ministerial candidate holds, shouting out JME and simultaneously retweeting him. It appears Jeremy is not chatting shit, so he is safe to @ JME without getting blocked quick.

Novelist displayed unwavering support for Corbyn in a series of tweets detailing the perks of the Labour leader’s policies, including his opposition to nuclear weapons and advocation for women in Parliament.

Homie @jeremycorbyn was anti-apartheid back when the Tories had Mandela down as a terrorist. Safe.

As usual, Grime’s signature wit and humour comes to the surface with JME ridiculing those on Twitter trying to beef him.

AJ Tracey, Akala and JME however also declared more serious support for Corbyn in a number of tweets. This snap election is proving to be one of the most divisive in recent years and the Grime scene’s activity on social media could just make the difference this time.

Don’t forget to register to vote by 22 May here

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