Mumm Art-Edition 2017 is all about the grape

Designer Kustaa Saksi gives Mumm champagne a new look

Mumm Art-Edition 2017
Mumm Art-Edition 2017 designed by Kustaa Saksi, courtesy of BOLD

Mumm & Co’s Art-Edition 2017 illustrates what is most essential to champagne: its taste and structure. For this project, the champagne brand collaborated with Finnish designer and illustrator Kustaa Saksi who is known for his graphical storytelling through playful patterns.

Saksi untangled the formula of the sparkling drink and abstracted the grape – its most significant component. He then visualised the journey of the grape turning into a bubble and combined the main ingredient with the drink’s most essential characteristic. Saksi chose a more analytical approach than last year’s Art-Edition 2016, when Mumm collaborated with Spanish designer Alex Trochut who conceptualised the drink’s dynamic sparkling sensation in a more abstract way.

Saksi’s designs dress the bottles of three of Mumm’s flavours: dry, extra dry and rosé dry. By keeping the same core illustration for all three products, they distinguish through different background colours. The traditional dry flavour features the white grapes on a golden background while the extra dry one has a black background to emphasise its sharper taste. For the milder rosé, he chose a warm pink-reddish background colour.

Saksi has previously worked with Marimekko, Salvatore Ferragamo, Nike and Issey Miyake and his art works have been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum. His main source of inspiration often comes from nature which is why he decided to give the drink a visual aesthetic by highlighting its natural component.

Mumm’s limited Art-Edition 2017 is available in stores.

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