Peter Marino designs a Caran d’Ache pen fit for a rock star

The American architect designed two Varius Peter Marino Limited Editions

Peter Marino designed his own edition for Caran d'Ache
Peter Marino designed his own edition for Caran d’Ache, courtesy of BOLD

Maison Caran d’Ache presents its Varius Peter Marino Limited Edition, envisioned by Peter Marino. The American architect, well known not only for his designs but also for his extravagant rock-star appearance, has given the edition a saucy yet elegant look.

There are two new lines of the Swiss manufacturer’s Varius-edition that implement Marino’s distinct look: Varius Peter Marino and Varius Peter Marino – Special Edition. The fountain, roller and ballpoint pens of the Varius Peter Marino edition are decorated with grey cross stitches on the Harrison calf-leather handle. The silver-plated cap, which is also glazed with a layer of rhodium, carries Marino’s signature as well as the numbers 1/1978 – the date of the opening of his first studio in New York.

Various Peter Marino edition
The Various Peter Marino edition, courtesy of BOLD

The Varius Peter Marino – Special Edition also consists of a hand-woven leather handle and a silver- and rhodium-plated cap. The top of the cap displays a silver-plated skull with black onyx eyes, reminiscent to Marino’s rings. The fountain and roller pens of this edition carry the numbers 1/150 on the cap referring to Marino’s address in Manhattan on 150 East 58 Street. The pen nibs of both lines are made out of 18-carat solid gold and are also silver- and rhodium-plated. Caran d’Ache’s distinctive hexagon is engraved in the nibs and can be ordered in different sizes. “These pens are high performance instruments dressed in leather couture,” Marino says.

The famous architect has previously designed various stores for high-end fashion labels such as Luis Vuitton, Armani, Chanel and Dior. The Varius pens are an intrinsic part of his design process. “I use the Varius pens to sketch architecture,” he says. That is why the Swiss manufacturer decided to collaborate with him for this project and gave him the “carte blanche”. Marino translated his distinct look into the pen’s design and created an exquisite piece of Haute-Écriture writing equipment.

Peter Marino uses the Various pens to design his sketches
Peter Marino uses the Various pens to design his sketches, courtesy of BOLD
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