The Instagram Accounts Calling out Fashion’s Copy Cats

Exposing the industry's knock offs has never been so popular

Fashion’s favourite social media platform (Instagram of course) has become the perfect opportunity to call out designers who have been more than inspired by another brand’s previous work. Gucci was recently on the receiving end of some Insta-controversy and a few months ago Alexander Wang threw some serious shade by posting an amusing meme aimed at Philipp Plein for his latest copycat catwalk show.

However, the sassiest and most dedicated account to the cause has to be @diet_prada. The anonymous ‘grammer does not hold back, with strikingly similar designs displayed side by side and the most “claws out” captions on our feed. Combative posts include almost identical designs from Erdem, Mulberry, Tom Ford and Saint Laurent to name but a few, along with a bucket load of Balenciaga clones.

Another account, @whodiditfirst, that has since been deleted, caught the attention, not only of fashion followers but designers too. After becoming the focus of one particular post, Stefano Gabanna even commented on and reposted the image – admitting, and apologising that Dolce & Gabanna once copied Vivienne Westwood’s SEX choker.


Check out some of @diet_prada’s most amusing posts.

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