The Portrait Series Showcasing Berlin’s Non-Binary Community

Berlin-based photographer Guido Castagnoli shows the city in a new light with his series "Bodies that Matter"

Berlin-based photographer Guido Castagnoli explores the in-betweens of gender in his latest photographic work entitled “Bodies that Matter”.

Inspired by American gender theorist Judith Butler, the portrait series explores Butler’s theory that gender is determined by a reiteration of norms. Rather than being something that one is, it is something one does – an act, or more precisely, a sequence of acts. A verb rather than a noun.

Castagnoli reached out to member of Berlin’s LGBTQ+ community through social media with a casting call to photograph strangers in Berlin, a city that embraces openness and freedom, who share his own experience with the desire to deconstruct the idea that gender and sexual orientation are just black and white.  Working with a large format camera, each portrait was limited to two images and needed an intense moment of stillness from the subject, allowing for no margin of error. The final image records a process of a moment of discovering a stranger. The result is an intensity that has surfaced between the photographer and the subject

Scroll through the image gallery below for a selection of photos from the series, and visit Castagnoli’s website here for the full project.

Left: Dana, Berlin April 2017 Right: Alan, Berlin April 2017
Left: Emeli, Berlin April 2017. Right: Francis, Berlin March 2017
Left: Joe, Berlin March 2017. Right: Giulia, Berlin April 2017
Left: Josephine, Berlin April 2017. Right: Kathryn, Berlin April 2017
Leni, Berlin March 2017
Lerato, Berlin April 2017. Right: Lucy, Berlin April 2017
Left: Merlin, Berlin March 2017. Right: Marja, Berlin April 2017
Left: Phil, Berlin March 2017. Right: Mimi, Berlin April 2017
Réda, Berlin March 2017
Left: Troels, Berlin April 2017. Right: Vincent, Berlin March 2017
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