The Must-Try Cocktails to Drink This Midsommar

What to drink during the Swedish celebration for the summer solstice, featuring Absolut Vodka.

Every year as summer emerges from the dark and depressing cave of winter, Sweden prepares for its most culturally significant holiday: Midsommar. Originally a pagan celebration, these days Midsommar is an excuse for Swedes to revisit the customs and traditions of their ancestors on the shortest night of the year. Every aspect of the day has some sort of historic significance, from the flower-covered Maypole to the food and drinks that are served.

Though it’s celebrated in various locales around the world, a Swedish Midsommar is truly unlike anything else. This year, Sleek is teaming up with Absolut Vodka to show our readers how to celebrate like a real Swede. As we count down the days until this year’s Absolut Midsommar Weekender event in Ahus, Sweden from 24-25 June, we’ll cover all the basics, including what to wear, where to party, how to make a flower crown and the must-try cocktails you need to drink.

Sleek Midsummer Absolut Vodka Cocktails

While Midsommar is a holiday enjoyed by people of all ages, libations are a traditional aspect of celebrating as an adult. The Swedes are known to get pretty creative during this time, cooking up tasty home brews of vodka, schnapps and other liquors to share with friends and family throughout the event.

Even so, nothing beats the refreshing taste of a chilled cocktail on a hot day. For the vodka fanatics out there, Absolut has concocted three mouth watering beverages perfect for sipping in the sun this Midsommar.

1) Absolut Soda

Sleek Midsummer Absolut Vodka Cocktails

4 cl Absolut Vodka
1 lime wedge

Pour vodka in a glass over ice
Squeeze juice of 1 lime wedge and add to glass
Fill with soda water

2) Absolut Midsommar Punch

Sleek Midsummer Absolut Vodka Cocktails

(Makes about 4 litres)
1000 ml Absolut Vodka
1200 ml natural apple juice
600 ml of rhubarb syrup
120 ml pink grapefruit juice
300 ml fresh lime juice
600 ml of cold rooibos tea

Combine all ingredients together
Pour in a glass over ice
Top with soda water
Garnish with sliced grapefruit and raspberries

3) Elderflower Collins

Sleek Midsummer Absolut Vodka Cocktails

5 cl Absolut Vodka
2 cl lemon juice
2 cl elderflower syrup
1 lemon slice

Pour all ingredients in a glass over ice
Garnish with lemon

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