London’s Best Dressed Get Political

Here's what the best dressed at LFWM had to say about the election

Tension was in the air last week with the UK’s general election occurring the day before LFWM was set to start. So we roamed the streets to ask London’s brightest prospects about their thoughts on the election results. Here’s what they had to say:

Ben Archer (left) @benarcher_
“It’s just fucked!”

 King Owusu (right) @Kingsillustrat
“Happy for the young voters – It is inspiring that we came together.”

Sam Lambert & Shaka Midoh (left) @Artcomesfirst (for both)

Jan Urila Sas (right) @janandnaomi
“The election is a surprise. Amazing results of all the people coming together but it should have been like this before.”

Milo (left) @citywormss

Stevie Ango (right) @steviedemerde
“I didn’t even vote in the French elections.”

Leto Chen (left) @Rireaux

Yibo Han (right) @Byqhyb

Mekel Bailey (left) @mekelbailey

Zoe Horgan (right) @Zoe_Horgan

Reuben Chapman (left) @reubenchapman

The unveil (right) @theunveil

Dino Bonacic (left) @dinobonacic

“As a foreigner I see it as a celebration. It has made me feel more welcome.”

Christopher J. Morency (left) @aardrijkskunde
“As an outsider that’s not from here to come to a country where politics is a big part of the culture, you have to get involved. And for some reason, with fashion you are drawn to vote Labor.”

Emily J. Odonell (right) @emily.j.odonnell

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