SKYY Vodka Celebrates the Diverse Faces behind Progressive Nightlife

SLEEK speaks to Berlin-based photographer Vitali Gelwich about embracing diversity in all aspects of his work

Left: Lee Stuart Right: Dogukan Nesanir

SKYY Vodka has teamed up with photographer Vitali Gelwich to celebrate the plurality of people behind progressive nightlife. Entitled “Diversity”, the campaign features a roster of creatives from around the world, aiming to highlight the people shaping their cities into the beautiful, unique places they are today. SLEEK sat down with Vitali Gelwich to discuss the campaign as well as his personal philosophy on diversity.

With the SKYY DIVERSITY campaign, you had the opportunity to create characters from your social network, all of which have different backgrounds or ethnicities. What was the determining factor to be part of the SKYY DIVERSITY production?
SKYY Vodka convinced me with their “One Generation Ahead” series.  The great thing about the campaign was having total creative control and the ability to bring my ideas forward.  I had the opportunity to portray and celebrate the hardwork of individuals in the night life with a series of portraits in their work environment.

What does DIVERSITY mean to you?
Diversity is a lifestyle, a part of life, a way of thinking: the moment you start planning diversity it loses its authenticity. It keeps things interesting.

The SKYY DIVERSITY campaign was shot on film, what is so special about analogue photography?
Timelessness. Analogue photos have a special kind of magic that digital doesn’t.

What is the first thing you notice about a person before you take their portrait?
I always try to establish a connection with my subject and try to figure out what makes them tick. For me it’s important to understand people, how the look becomes secondary.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
I’m always on the road so I use social media spontaneously rather than consistently. There is tons of great content out there and I’ll often pick up from other photographers, stylists, brands or agencies, that I come across on Instagram.

How would you describe your style?
My personal style and aesthetic is constantly evolving.

Scroll through the images below for a closer look at the breathtaking campaign:

Bahar Kygsz
Fa Empel
Left: Michail Stangl Right: Linnea Palmestal
Left: Markus and Michael Weicker Right: Michail Stangl
Left:  Young Krillin Right: Brothers Huy and Dung Vu

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