Your Invite to Berlin Fashion Week’s Hottest Event

Introducing WAHNAILS, Central Saint Martins, Highsnobiety, Refinery29, and many more speakers

Berlin Fashion Week kicks off next week, and SLEEK are delighted to announce that this season we are co-curators of the FASHIONTECH conference hosted by Premium International. FASHIONTECH is a day of curated conversation discussing how the world’s of fashion and tech meet.

Please join us on Wednesday the 5th of July at KÜHLHAUS in Berlin on the  4TH & 5TH FLOOR, from 10am -18pm. Read on for our edit of the talks you need to see but first, we spoke to director Anita Tillman about her thoughts on technology, tribes, and why there really are no limits. 

Anita Tillman
Photo by Maxime Ballesteros

What makes Berlin fashion so distinct?

Anita Tillman: It’s all community-driven, that is all Berlin is about. I like this diversity of tribes. Building tribes and you’re always comparing, everybody is comparing. Paris and Milan and Berlin, but it’s not. Okay? What actually defines Berlin is not being defined from above and from already established cliques or groups. Right where you are, or whoever you are around. I like this a lot.

What are your favourite wearable-tech pieces from recent months?

The Nadi X Yoga Pants, which communicate with your body through vibrations to correct your posture. There are motions sensors in each part of the tights, allowing the pants to know exactly in what angle you are in and send impulses to improve your form, and the Smart Coat by Emel + Aris, which literally heats the wearer through an inert, no-wire lightweight polymer layer at the flick of a switch.

You have run Premium since 2003 and Fashion Tech Berlin since 2015. How have you noticed the debate on fashion and tech changing since? 

Anita Tillman: Fashion is anywhere apart of my life since I’m a little girl. I used to have 42 Barbie’s and I was dressing them all day long. Technology is something that is part of our daily life and it actually changed the way we communicate with each other. It changed how fashion is designed, how we distribute fashion, how we design fashion. How we buy fashion. How we talk to each other via social media. I think that the whole topic about wearable design has changed tremendously. It’s set in the prototyping phase. We helped open a couture situation, where we bring together designer and techies. They talk to each other and they start to create new things. It’s very interesting, because I think the challenge of the designer in the future is how to design technology to create sustainable fashion. This is a completely new aspect – sustainability.

It’s said sometimes that every company is a technology company, and nowhere is that truer than at Fashion Tech Berlin. What does it mean when everyone from nail shops to clothes brands to fashion schools are joining more classic tech companies like app developers and start-ups as fashion-tech companies? 

Anita Tillman: Well, there is no “classic” umbrella we put these people on. What is interesting is that all of a sudden, there is room of new creators and new designers. No-one cares where they come from. Everything which is happening now is new. That makes it so interesting.

Lessons from London’s hottest brand on how to be “digital first”
10.45 am

Sharmadean Reid, founder of London’s cult beauty empire WAHNAILS discusses how she has always put “digital first” in her business strategy. From her nail salon in Topshop’s flagship store to her fashion line for ASOS, and her innovative use of augmented reality in her London stores. As a blog pioneer, social media has always been the core of her brand. With over half a million followers on the WAHNAILS Instagram and her personal account, Reid discloses the secrets of her digital success in a truly inspirational talk. An invaluable event for all e-entrepreneurs.


How the world’s leading fashion school is dealing with digital
11.10 am

Central Saint Martins is ranked the number one fashion school internationally by Business of Fashion, and the alumni span all areas of the fashion industry, including stars such as John Galliano, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo at Céline and Riccardo Tisci. Hywel Davies, Fashion Programme Director, and Melanie Ashley who heads up communications for the school will discuss collaborations with Google, a digital project with Balenciaga and the Victoria and Albert Museum, and how an art school responds and maintains its physical impact within a digital sphere.


How to communicate a luxury on social media
12.00 pm

Having spearheaded global communications for Christian Louboutin, consultant, and creative digital strategist Anne Muhlethaler is a scene leader when it comes to inhabiting a connected world with authenticity and humour, and most importantly success, how does she do it? She shares all at FASHIONTECH.


An expert guide to storytelling in the digital age
14:00 pm

Based in New York and Berlin, Highsnobiety is the leading online destination for daily news on streetwear and sneakers. With 1.6 million followers on Instagram, Fischer knows how to target millennials, and will share what it takes to reach consumers in today’s fast-paced information-overloaded society.

How the US Leader in Fashion Content Cracked the German Market

Refinery29 has over 450 employees, and offices in New York, London, LA and as of last year, right here in Berlin. With over 500 million users across all platforms. They are pioneers in digital publishing and monetization of content: where Refinery lead, other online content sites follow.Cloudy Zakrocki the Editorial Director of the new German site and Nora Beckerhaus, the Marketing Director will talk on stage with Anita Tillmann, the founder of Premium and FASHIONTECH about the impressive global company, and how they are taking over the German market.


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