The Austrian Eyewear Label Inspired by Vienna’s Most Eco-friendly Neighbourhood

An interview with Daniel Liktor, Global Brand Director at neubau eyewear

daniel liktor neubau eyewear
Daniel Liktor, Global Brand Director at neubau eyewear

Taking its name from Vienna’s 7th district, neubau is the latest eyewear label to join the wave of sustainable style. Inspired by the city’s diverse array of eco-friendly shops and cafes, the brand is dedicated towards respecting the environment while still producing spectacles that are both stylish and durable. At the helm of neubau is Daniel Liktor, the company’s Global Brand Director and ex-Red Bull marketing rep.

SLEEK travelled to Vienna to chat with Daniel about his involvement with neubau as well as his favourite pair of glasses from the new collection.

You used to work for Red Bull’s marketing team. What made you decide to switch careers and enter fashion?

A headhunter from Silhouette [Neubau’s parent company] contacted me with the idea to create a new brand aimed at a younger target group. Because we work under one of the biggest independent eyewear companies in the world, it’s made a lot of things easier and opened a lot of doors for us.

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How so?

At neubau, we do all of the brand management, product management, marketing and sales. But production and everything else comes from corporate at Silhouette, which is good because they know how to produce quality glasses. So really, we get to have all the fun while they focus on the boring part.

Are you guys doing the designing then?

Absolutely. The product manager and I sit together before every collection. Right now, we are working on our 19th. We’re always thinking about shapes and check trends constantly. Then we’ll brief our team of designers and I proof each design at the end. I guess you could say I have the final word.

Sigmund frames

What’s your favourite pair of glasses from the new collection?

I love round frames, so the Danny and Sigmund styles are my favourites. Sigmund is bolder, but I have a big face and it’s too small on me. My all-time favourite will be launched next year, but I can’t talk about it yet.

If you could collaborate with any designer who would it be?

Raf Simons.

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